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  1. play full ring games (more people = bigger pots at low limit) or just keep grinding out the sngs. play more up to four sng at a time, so you can earn your points faster.
  2. good2cu bought jay out with like 10 days left for 40k. there was some controversy and they had to get a mediator to determine if jay left the bathroom and they ruled in jay's favor, leading good2cu with not really much of a choice but to cut his losses.
  3. For those of you who were upset, I highly encourage you to write coke and voice your displeasure over them choosing Frist to endorse their product. Plus, this will make for some funny replies...The Coca-Cola CompanyP.O. Box 1734Atlanta, GA 30301USA
  4. IMO, its always good to have money on more than one site so that you can always find a game. There aren't always good cash games going, so I have a better chance of finding a good game.
  5. I'm almost an elite on absolute, so what is the best way for me to maximize the arps?
  6. I typically play 8 tables at a time, but I do it more for rakeback reasons. I am able to play my normal game and just more aggressive closer to the button and I don't think that I have that much of a drop off in value. Its all about making sound decisions and moving on to the next table. The big thing is asking what are you trying to accomplish at poker? I am trying to build up a bigger bankroll on all the sites I play on and get as many hands in as possible for rakeback.
  7. get pokertracker, its will tell you how many per hour you are playing...
  8. Had the same problem last night and I was pissed when I timed out of several hands. Broke my mouse and splurged on a new one:World's Most Advanced MouseBest money I've spent in awhile...
  9. Royal,Its just a concentration thing that you have to force yourself to do. The other thing would be to just stop then and take your break, so you can sit back down later when you are fresh.
  10. why not just record yourself reviewing your hands in pt? this will save a lot of time and you can do the research up front to see where the big hands are.You should be playing very tight up until the 75/150 or 100/200 level, so there isn't much to show anyways...
  11. I think pokertracker is the way to go. The only downfall is that you have to buy pokerace hud on top of it, but they are well worth it. PT is better because it is able to do more sites than pokeroffice.
  12. First of all, are you playing limit or nl?1. This is going to be dependent on the table in general and then the stakes. Playing low limits, there are going to be a lot more opportunities to play a few more hands, as there will be more people involved, making it better for you to see more flops when you are in position.2. The means how often you fold your blinds to open raises from the button and the cut off. PT knows, because it gives you position stats for every person in your database and it can tell when and where you open raise from.3. Again, this depends on the table. Ideally, being
  13. i know how you feel. the first 2 days, i was up 12 buy ins and proceded to drop 20 buy ins over the next 5 days. I took a day off and didn't do anything poker related and then rewatched a few videos at cardrunners and been slowly grinding it out. I also did some reviewing of hands in pt of that time and noticed several mistakes that I made. Made myself write them down and how I played wrong to hopefully etch those thoughts in my brain. Downswings are tough, but you'll get through it. Take some time for yourself and make some evaluations so you can get back to where you want to be...
  14. Oh, and I have been drinking too much Dr. Pepper lately, so I want to drink at least 2 glasses of water per day...
  15. November Goals:35k hands - 300 short, but with holidays and being sick the last 3 days, i'll take itMove up in VIP - Finished very quicklyMove up a level - Finished (NL 20-25 buy ins)*** Last day was horrible, but I'll take the month considering I had $80 in my account to begin with. With bonus and rakeback, November was good for $1800.December Goals: - 35k hands - Will be tough with the holidays, but moved some money onto UB (software so much faster than everyone else's, manage close to 100 hands/hr) - Move up a level - Move money around to have a bankroll on all sites - Put my T$109 I found
  16. 1. Well on my way to 35k hands2. Done, working on next level of VIP3. Done, and this doesn't include bonus or rakeback for the month
  17. how do you get this chart from pt?
  18. 1st time in a goals thread:November has been good to me so far. Been doing a better job keeping track of results and writing stuff down which forces accoutability, for which I was sorely lacking.Goals:35,000 hands - 16,000 through todayMove up in VIP - will be there by the end of the weekMove up a limit - will be there by the end of the week (20-25 buy in benchmark)Up $660 in 20nl 6 max and then tack on some bonuses and rakeback from last month and things are looking good...
  19. I have both. PT with PA HUD is better all the way around, but Poker Office does have some nice qualities. The layout is more user friendly and it includes its own HUD. The software launches an external window as well, to allow for more in depth numbers (liking getting pop up stats from pahud) that includes pot odds, best hand calculations. Office doesn't not service nearly as many sites as PT and doesn't give you all the information that PT does.
  20. The thing that I found to help me out best was to make an effort before every decision to think it out. Its a mind set and a lot of discpline.
  21. Are there features that other sites have that you want added here?
  22. They aren't that great and there are too many ratings IMO. I would like to refine the rules down to 5-6 ratings:1. Tight/Agressive2. Loose/Aggressive3. Loose/Passive4. Gambler - Maniac5. FishPlus, anyone have a good hud to use for stud since PAHUD doesn't support it?
  23. nh, playing stud has actually helped my nl game. i have a better win rate at stud and its so much easier to exploit bad players. playing 2/4 right now and just watched a guy drop $200 in 60 hands, so much fun...
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