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  1. That have also been around for a while, not those new accounts that are around for one week and already at 150+ posts.
  2. MSR

    Drinking Songs...

    Piano Man is the greatest drinking song of all time.
  3. Well that kind of makes the whole thing worth it
  4. I think I've heard Norman mentioning playing in cash games a few times during the world series broadcasts as well. And his Washington Post column can actually be funny sometimes, I used to read it online but it's been a while.
  5. I need a hand history, no youtubes!
  6. You can't read websites while you poop
  7. Since this is the first year that I'm legally old enough to play in the World Series of Poker, I decided that I want to try to qualify online. I'm only going to dump $2-300 into this, so I'm looking for cheapish ways that are still reasonably possible to win. So far the best way I've seen is the Pokerstars $16 double shootouts that are sattelites into a $650 tournament where 1 in 18 people will win a seat. Is this a reasonable way to qualify? Anyone seen any better ways? Post your thoughts please.
  8. It's funny that Jay-Z rapped about playing Monopoly with real cash over 10 years ago, and I doubt he was the first to do it/joke about it either.
  9. You sure put a lot of effort into that for something that wasn't funny at all.
  10. Home games are kind of a different situation. Unless you let your friends know ahead of time that you might be doing this, they will probably be pretty upset when you try to look at their mucked cards. Home games, at least the ones that most people like to play in, are much more relaxed than casino games and don't necessarily follow the rules to the letter.
  11. My brother won some cash in one of those freerolls, but it was only like $2-3. He used to play those tiny stakes, but it was so boring for him that he mostly just sticks to the play money tourneys anyway.
  12. With respect, this whole line of questioning is arbitrary. Sure If one is such a great player that they can predict the future, read the mind of other players, and pick other table players, then yes stack does not matter. However, the question was about a "super natural" player whom is short stacked playing a "donk" with 10 times the stack. Remember broken clocks are correct twice a dayand bad poker players are allowed to have big hands. So even if you can out play them, the mathmatical odds of you always having the beter hand is slim, thus the BR plays a big part when the best player is shor
  13. How does chip stack size matter? Sure he can put you all in at any time, but since you're a better player you'll be going all in with the best of it, right? That is +EV, right?
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