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  1. Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend are both in! It's not even a competition. Uncharted 2 goes in the second I get home.
  2. Ugh Why would you ruin this for me?! Really looking forward to it. From everything I've seen it looks awesome! Been waiting for a good coop game for quite awhile. Going to try Operation Flashpoint tonight. Tactical shooter. What a novel concept with the barrage of run and guns there always seems to be.
  3. Been out of gaming for a couple months. Threw in the Saw game (I know I know) and it was actually really good. Very pleasantly surprised. I've now moved on to Uncharted in preparation of Uncharted 2 next week. Gaming season is finally here! Brutal Legend/Uncharted 2/Borderlands in the next 2 weeks! *PSYCHED*
  4. So How much of an upset is it if/when CoHo doesn't make the cut?
  5. No way the Nucks shouldn't be on page 1! Shirikov! etc.
  6. In it to win it. This is a great idea. Should take this topic to OT/basbeall etc. Not like you need people who will check site daily/weekly like in the dynasty leagues (Which peple don't do anyway)
  7. Looks like we got the Sedins locked up. Just in time! Interesting to see what we do tomorrow now.
  8. I really hope we don't overpay for Gaborik. No doubt he is a GREAT player. When healthy. But that's way to much of a caveat to ignore. When is he ever healthy?
  9. Random Fact. Aerosmith was the only Guitar Hero I was ever able to beat on Expert. Getting back into Fallout before the next expansion comes out.
  10. PLaying Tiger Woods 2010. Same ol Tiger. 2 rounds in I had my custom golfer back to shooting a 58 despite his low power. 1 tournament under my belt now and stats are basically maxed. Why do I enjoy this? I dunno. But I do
  11. My first post was an honest question. I would like to know what exactly is entertaining about this that I am missing. I have since gotten a response. The second was a random dig at gov. I have no excuses for it. But I trust he knows I'm joking.
  12. Says a lot about the quality of reality TV. I actually watched Survivor for the first couple seasons. But at this point I don't understand it. To be fair I have no interest in any reality TV at this point so it's not surprising.
  13. How do people still watch this? Scratch that. How do MILLIONS of people still watch this? What am I missing?
  14. WKTs call how long we wait. Honestly I'd like to see him come back. But nobody can seem to find him again. Probably Deported.
  15. Two years running FD has left us hanging at the last minute. Where the hell are you dude? Seriously. What the fuck?
  16. Broken Steel raises the level cap. Came out this morning. DL'd it before work but haven't checked it out yet.
  17. Got back into Fallout 3 the last couple weeks. Haven't tried Anchorage yet but the Pitt was pretty cool. Can't wait for Broken Steel and the level cap being raised. It's funny I just started to think I was running out of things to do and then I took a better look around. I missed SO much it's ridiculous. Gunna be feeding this addiction for quite some time now that we are in our annual gaming drought.
  18. O NO!?! WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?!?!
  19. Probably a totally unwarranted fear but am a little worried about Lu playing today. Didn't he tear up his groin in an afternoon game on a nothing play?
  20. So. Tomorrow we take over the division lead eh? It's about time! Go Nucks!
  21. Can we take advantage of this situation please? ONE TIME?! Need a W against the Avs tomorrow!
  22. CJHunt

    Rack 'em!

    I like the 9 ball version. DIfferent.
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