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  1. Damien demonstrates what's what JJ-wise.
  2. I genuinely thought that, at some point, Rick Grimes was going to come into screen and put a knife in Connors temple.
  3. Oh, btw, the airport thing is something I always do when people ask for no spoilers. I say "he/she/they make it to the airport in time at the end". I don't remember where I got it from. Some stupid movie I think.
  4. Yeah. I think this was a really tough cast, because there are very few beautiful actresses who can pull this character off convincingly. This actress being too obvious "I'm so tough and DGAF, look, you can tell by my pouting" wasn't bad enough that I didn't finish the series, but I did cringe from time to time. Not like they were going to get one of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actresses or something, so got to take what you can get.
  5. Yeah, it's Jane. Jessica makes it to the airport in the last episode, saving the day.
  6. Pretty much exactly this. Loyalty, uses her to gain customers, he's garbage and all of that.
  7. Holy shit. Holly made Rousey look like a child.
  8. Hey Hamza! Nice to meet you friend. Can you please help me Influence Inane Posters on How Not To Spam Me with Stupid Shit? Thanks!
  9. God dammit. I got to thinking about it again after being reminded of it. The longer I think about it the more stupid it is. I mean, FUCK. If I were to make a list of things ANYONE would do in that scenario, what he did would be somewhere around second to last. Some highlights of the list might be, #1. Walk up and use the staff in your hand lengthwise to push/strike zombies face, protecting Morgan easily and safely. #56. Take a running start and jump kick the zombie with both feet, screaming, "DO YOU SMEEELLLL.... WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING?!" #128. Drag Morgan around fr
  10. Heh. And yeah, a reaping would be in order.
  11. Shame, I love watching Matt Brown. He's a superhero whose power is the ability to take a god damn beating and still keep coming to try to kill you.
  12. Fuck. Just use your fucking staff, which you are extremely proficient with, to, like, fucking gently push the ambling fucking mindless fucking zombie away from the guy. Why the fuck would you instead grab him sloppily and throw him out of the way sloppily while turning your fucking back into the mouth of the ambling fucking mindless zombie? Fuck, I'm not sure how much more of that kind of shit I can take. Lazy fucking writing/directing stupid fucking shit. Fuck you. I swear if I were like, an actor on that show even, that shit would not fly. "Nope." What? "No. You've gi
  13. Yeah, last two episodes have kinda had some heat. First time I've watched it a long time with any more than a "nothing better to do right this second, I guess" attitude.
  14. I have to take the mother and grandmother stuff with a grain of salt. For all I know his 94 year old grandma is a 94 year old virulent racist who is a god soaked nutter. Who knows how terrible his mother and grandmother are. Being related does not equal "deserves money" or even attention from a family member. That's ridiculous. However, how he's handled some fighters, GSP being the biggest example, definitely shows some sociopathic indications. "I'm hurt and maybe brain damaged and am having family issues and literally can't form a coherent thought right now because of my brain not
  15. I thought the season was pretty garbage, and I'd be ok if they just shut it down. If they just shut the whole god damn thing down.
  16. Naw, I haven't felt that it has gone over the top. Not that it might not become an issue if they up that game a bit, but other than that one "if I were a man" comment, I can't recall one instance where she was clearly harping on any sort of systemic feminist issue. And even on that point she was immediately refuted. The only other gender thing I recall she brought up was why she carries knives, and that was explicitly because she couldn't do something a man can do. It's possible I missed other instances somehow, but just because she does "man" stuff like **** em and leave em, watches
  17. I'm not sure you know what "hyper" means. Also, changing the characters name to "reference for blowjob" while harping on her "hyper-feminism" is ****ing stupid. Don't annoy me, I'm the kinder, gentler Spademan.
  18. I would very much like to lance McAdams to a wall with my penis. With her permission, of course.
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