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  1. Being an introvert does not equal not "having the ability to socialize". That's not how it works, or what it means. An introvert is more likely to have poor socialization skills than an extrovert because they generally like it less and are drained by it, and therefore get less practice, sure.
  2. No. I pounce on any stupid, irrelevant, absurd, fallacious or just generally poor objection. I consider any relatively solid but ultimately invalid or unsound objection and respond with clarification or rebuttal. Any objection that is unassailable I accept, and correct or abandon my position accordingly, then move on. That last one very rarely happens these days in part because of that last one. Also because I am amazing. I wouldn't use the word missing. It is probably because intro - inward, within - is where... the brain... resides. So, those who "dra
  3. Never saw this thread. Always have tested INTJ, obviously. Of course this sort of test isn't very rigorous, but I can safely say that if you are not INTJ or INTP you are probably stupid in some very important ways.
  4. I realized a bit ago that it may be unfair of me to come in and just snipe others without actually answering the threads question myself. Is homosexuality a sin? Of course it is. This isn't just based on biblical knowledge either, I actually, literally spoke with god about it last year and heard it from the man himself. I was making a podcast of my interview with the lord, knowing that it would be of great interest to, well, just about everyone on earth. Unfortunately, when I went to edit it for air, I discovered that gods voice isn't actually recordable by human technology. When I
  5. Misogyny and homophobia taken care of right out of the gate. It's like you're an Olympic athlete of cliche, uninspired bigotry and your forte is the explosion from the blocks. Quite a showing there. One of the favorite things I enjoy about myself, of the many favorite things, is the way the smallest item can enrapture me. Like this term in this post. For a solid minute my mind took off with questions and lines of logic and wonderment. "Putting aside that this idiot thinks that the words I use - words that any decently educated person would find common and every day -
  6. Hi. My name is Spademan, we may not be acquainted. Pleasure to meet you. A few things I should tell you before you read any further. First, I am better than you in every conceivable way. In every way. I'm brighter than you, more clever than you, more reasonable than you, better with logic, more knowledgeable, unfathomably more entertaining, more consistent in thought, better at finding contraction and eliminating it - in myself and others, and, though I can't be as certain of the following as I can the former, as the evidence isn't sitting on the page before me, st
  7. [something about shitty threads and posters, something something I'm awesome.] [something else funny.]
  8. ****. So all of those posts where spacing plays an integral stylistic role in the pacing and humor of a post is forevermore turned into block paragraph that reads as rambling prose? History has lost something. Something sexy. And sup' Suited.
  9. Is there a board settings or something I am unable to find? It seems all the posts no longer have the spacing or line breaks that were there originally, and I can't read this block paragraph shit everything has turned into. Basically, is there a way to revert the board to something that retains the original formatting?
  10. Spademan


    I saw your mouth. Yes, it's fuckable. I saw the outline of your body. Clever but obviously self-aware use of fit and fabric choice.Still attractive despite the transparency.Yeah. I'm not an animal (though I am). Despite being at this bar - this Discovery Channel documentary of human mating behavior waiting to be made.What separates "human" from "animal" is thought. That's it. And you haven't enough of it to keep me interested. Despite how literally breathtaking you are physically. G'night.
  11. I'd have to see a random sample of 100 or so Phlem and Feathers posts to decide. They are both black holes of stupid, from which nothing cogent, informative, or entertaining escapes. It's tough to call.
  12. I much prefer bare insults to tone trolling. Thanks. However, be a little more accurate. You should have left it at the quote edit and the "See? No tone trolling there."The "fake" thing is just unintelligible, and the "longest and loudest" is stupid.The only way to speak "loudly" on the internet is to TYPE IN CAPS. AND I RARELY TYPE IN CAPS.And "longest"... Jesus, says the guy with 14,000 posts to the guy with 5,000. Think your insults through a bit, then you'll be good to go.
  13. HALF.This is an important distinction as it allows Scram to see me as a human being and continue benefiting from my commentary, and makes it 50% less likely I'd have to kill some of the rubes on this site if they saw me carrying skittles in their neighborhood.
  14. You are staggeringly stupid. 1. Read for comprehension. You didn't "get called a moron". I made an if --> then statement. And since you imply you understood the point, the "then" would not apply. Since you couldn't parse that very basic logic out yourself I'm going to go ahead and call you a moron.2. I'm quite aware "some people don't know what I know about" any given subject. The onus isn't on me to educate every single human being on everything they may or may not be ignorant of. That's absurd. Look at it this way instead; if a person doesn't have much relevant knowledge on a subje
  15. Don't get me wrong, there are large swaths, entire units, in the U.S. military that are ate up. Shit bags and doofus...es (doofi?). Poorly trained, lazy goons who hardly can put their uniform on correctly. I don't mean to say that the U.S. military is some monolith of skill and badassery. What I mean to say is that whether one is looking for overwhelming force, or small scale precision, the U.S. military has the goods. Not because we are a land of heroes and Rambo's and John McClane's and Jack Bauer's who are imbued with steely eye-d, square chinned awesomeness by virtue of their American-
  16. This is hilarious: Because it is couched in the same paragraph as this: If you can't see why this is hilarious you are a god damned moron. Partially for the reasons BG mentioned in terms of support. Partially due to the specialization that can occur within elite units due to the size and funding. Partially because of technologies that will be available due to size and funding to particular soldiers that other countries do not have, or do not have in the same capacity.And if you have "family in the U.S. military" that would say the same thing, then you have family in the U.S. military who
  17. Your odd concern about "conspiracy" aside - yes, "philosophy" is on its way out.I have quite a bit to say on the subject, but I'm way too apathetic here to go on at length, so in short:1. Philosophy was awesome. It brought critical thinking, epistemology, logic, reason and the scientific method into focus.2. "Natural philosophy" was the branch of philosophy, generally speaking, that noticed the previous things were what worked, and used them axiomatically.3. There was a divide between what is now often described as "mental masturbation" and Natural philosophy... the latter of which became met
  18. Your military is weak, globally speaking. Also, comparatively unskilled except for the highest levels, and even at the highest levels is comparatively unskilled verses the U.S. "elite".I was joking with my first post, but for gods sake I hate nationalism... and the idea that Canada's military is in any way (outside of general individual sacrifice) on par with the U.S. military is fucking absurd and reeks of ignorance and/or defense of national pride.
  19. Bob, I like you, and I think I like Canada more than the U.S. in their current incarnations... this whole religious right movement thing has really pushed us down the shit-hole.With that said, I could single handedly defeat Canada in a war.And this isn't because I'm Spademan, god of war, philosopher king, and force of nature given anthropomorphic form, but rather because it's Canada.
  20. I couldn't even get through page two of this thread given how disgusting some of you are.Let me tell you something: seeing the very, very telling reactions to this particular story, here and elsewhere - and the story itself is basically irrelevant, it's the discussions and theoretical ideas and apologetics applied to it...Go on and tell your friends and family to "follow" and "question" me if I am "suspiciously" walking in your neighborhood. Gated or not. Affluent or not.Be sure to do so yourself as well. And by "suspiciously" walking I mean walking.You've convinced me, given your follow the
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