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  1. Hooker in the room is a nice touch.....we need more of that in the states.
  2. You have also seen how charged up Vick12's luckbox is.....Jessica and it doesn't even warrent a debate.
  3. OP, sorry but you've left out some very very valuable information that we need to make the correct decision here. I commend you for the effort of puting up a valid question on a poker forum but let's get a few details in and we'll get right on answering your question. Information we need to know is:1) how charged up is your luckbox?2) Do you feel it? Can really feel that you are going to win?3) Can you see into Ivey's soul? Is your read solid?4) How good have you been running up to this point?Get back to us with more details please! This question is riveting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I vote "all of the above"A genius Degen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Scott!!!!!!!!!! Well done man, well done!!!!!!!!!!!!GOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Zomg!!!!!!!! Mark, you know better.Better not let Mark rail ya next time Adam. You have enough trouble with the PS Doom Switch as it is.
  7. Run Forrest Run!Wrong movie....Good Luck Ted!
  8. Gman,I don't watch soap opera's. If I did, I'd follow your sad posts more closely.Does the term "Pull your head out" mean anything relevant to your life? You really need to look into that.
  9. Offer the deposit line person a case of proplayer drink for the phone number. I heard you can get into any persons pants with a proplayer offer....just give the phone line person an offer they can't refuse.
  10. GLGLGLGLGLGL!!!!!!!! GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!! TIDTIDTIDTID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well done Adam....keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, they had prelim. events and sats. But like you also said, to many 10K events as it is.
  13. QFT!!!!!!!! The get more wrong then they ever report correctly.
  14. See you continue to make personal insults. You forget that this is supposed to be a civil discussion board. You insult to make yourself feel better and then when people play back at you, you make even more outlandish remarks.Talk about the hand and not personal insults and you'd begin to not look like a complete D-Bag. As it stands now, you have not given a single good post in this thread. Please stop.
  15. I see reading compreshension isn't your strong suite either. You didn't read a word I said. If you only knew how silly you look, you'd leave, but you don't so you'll stay.Regards.
  16. No, I am just looking at Mark's accomplishments next to yours. I have discussed poker with Mark on several occasions. His thoughts and insights to the game seem to be very good. I've seen you ramble on and spout drivell on this board, and haven't seen you accomplish anything.So yeah, I do have that's what my opinion is based on.
  17. You've appeared at how many final tables on TV? I guess that answers the question as to how much value your information is providing.Mark is doing fine before, during and after this. He's a very accomplished player. Keep up the good work Mark!
  18. Seriously, just say entrepreneur. Self made. and you don't like talking about it. That would end the convo quickly.
  19. I work for the CIA, I'd tell ya but then I'd have to kill ya.
  20. True Story.....I was out in Vegas this weekend, playing the Ventian daily (29th of 66 blah). Anyway, one guy starts talking about this new game they are playing at the Hard Rock in Vegas...."you take a pinochle deck and you start playing poker with it. They says it's amazing." I just kept thinking to myself, can I introduce you to JC?
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