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  1. I used the "search" tool with WSOP, and went about 10 pages deep. Obviously I missed it, but I appreciate the flame nevertheless...
  2. Thanks...searched around and couldn't find it. My bad...
  3. Hoping to connect with other FCP members during the WSOP. Playing, railing, whatever...PM me or post a reply.Personally, I'll be taking a crack at some STT's and see how it goes. Last year I parlayed my first $50 table into a 75 person satellite tourney (with rebuys). I made no rebuys and still wound up 6 places out of a seat in the ME!My goal this year is to simply qualify for a lower buy-in tourney ($1,500 NLHE perhaps) using the STT system. Instead of attempting to qualify for the ME, I'm just going to buy $10K worth of Powerball tickets!
  4. Has anyone been down there to watch the TOC? Is it accessible? Thinking about going down in a while...getting myself primed for the WSOP by watching DN take down the TOC!
  5. Couldn't agree more...if you plan to stay at the El Cortez, make sure you're packing some heat, and sleep with one eye open. I wouldn't go there in the light of day, much less spend a night.
  6. Ok...I called Silverstone - http://www.silverstonegolfclub.comHere are the rates for a group of 20 in mid-February with my membership card:Weekday: $45 for local foursome, $75 non-residentWeekend: $60 for local foursome, $90 non-residentThis is golf only. If we want some food and beverages thrown in (something for our beer censoreds to deliver to us) we can figure that price out after we set the field.Or, we could just play poker and drink Heineken as dna4ever suggested.Let me know if I can help in any other arrangements.
  7. hey guys. i just got off the phone with Red Rock CC and they gave me some numbers. the tourist rate is $189/player. i told him we would have a group of around 20 or so. the rate he quoted me was $129/player for the group rate. it sounds a little steep but it's actuall a good deal for Vegas that time of year. we would let them know how many player are guaranteed 30 days prior to the play date then a final guarantee 15 days prior to the date itself. the deposit would be 10% at the 30 day mark and i would have to sign a contract which is fine if everyone is 100% ready to roll. let me know
  8. I believe the accountants from AP are off work during the Hannukah celebration, but I will forward your two threads to them to see if they can assist you in recovering your money.Sincerely, DrHodgestein
  9. I used to play 7 stud regularly, and there was a great low limit game at the Monte Carlo. Used to be $1 - $4 I think ($1 ante). Small room, but tucked away from the main casino floor. Haven't been there in a while, but you should give them a ring.Not sure what's being spread at the newest rooms (Hilton and Caesars) but you might want to call there also.
  10. I'm getting out of work, gotta drive home and check this match out...if doucheclown hasn't thrown in the towel by then.Maybe see some people in the $5 sng's on Pokerstars later tonight...Pokerstars name = DrHodges
  11. From the NWP forums...thought it was worth posting here...Doc______________________________________ Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dbirider16-2 wrote: Wow already. Why would dreamclown cap this turn? PRE-FLOP Dreamclown bets $750, KidPoker calls $500. FLOP [board cards 2C,4D,8D ] KidPoker checks, Dreamclown bets $500, KidPoker bets $1,000, Dreamclown calls $500. TURN [board cards 2C,4D,8D,QC ] KidPoker bets $1,000, Dreamclown bets $2,000, KidPoker bets $2,000, Dreamclown bets $2,000, KidPoker calls $1,000. RIVER [board cards
  12. I agree - it's the player's responsibility to protect the hand, and even take a moment to study the board while protecting his cards if he's not sure. Just because another player notes after the fact that the dealer made a mistake, the hand is still dead. The floorperson made a big error IMHO.
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