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  1. I count myself among the hundred or so who viewed the thread and wasn't going to post till this.You look far worse. DrawingDead is funny. Please go away.*hug*
  2. I was under the impression that rather than being distracted by other stuff, he was merely bored by low buyin NL HE tourneys, and got a bit burnt out. It's not like he wasn't playing poker, it's just that he wasn't playing those tourneys.
  3. Quoted for replication, cept I like fish too.Mmm, gefilte fish.
  4. Yes, but you should have a big enough edge that low, assuming you've read SSHE, such that it's far more likely to win 50 than to lose 100.
  5. 3500, very nice!Fun 4 and 3 handed battle to watch.
  6. Getting 12-1 isn't enough for some hands. T2o, 74o, J3o...what's the point of putting in the half bet with those? Hoping to flop top pair? I'd rather just toss em.I generally go for anything suited, any no gappers down to about 76o, and occasional offsuit kings. And I consider that loose, probably to the point of being a leak.
  7. Sheesh.Declare, usually played with stud hilo, is done after all seven cards are dealt to everyone. You then choose 0, 1, or 2, as described above, to determine high only, low only, or both ways.If only one person declares a given way, they win half the pot, no question. If it's contested, winner of that way wins that half of the pot.If you declare both ways, typically, you must win both halves to get anything, i.e. have the best hand of all the people declaring high and the best hand of all the people declaring low. If you don't, it's treated as if you didn't have a hand, i.e. lost.Home games
  8. The absolute best reason to play there is the fact that they have Razz, and no other site (other than, like, Gamesgrid) has it.Course, I'm biased.
  9. Fold every time. Sure, he might have four to an eight with a pair that's not aces. But he might have an eight made. Or a pair of aces. Either of those situations and you're either drawing very very slim or trying to hold on to half a tiny pot.Sides, he can still hit an ace on either of the next two streets.
  10. JJ actually chats it up a bit when he's playing Razz. I've seen him at 3/6, though he sits more often when a 15/30 game is going.
  11. Well, I got it up to around 8k and decided to take a shot at 30/60...three sessions, I'm up to 10k. Love this game.I should probably get Ray Zee's book to see if I'm playing well or just getting lucky. ; )
  12. Dangit, Steve, I actually was looking for roll advice there!
  13. Added 600 to my roll, just playing poker as I usually do. The bonus clears pretty quickly at 10/20 stud hilo, I must say...almost every pot has enough in it. About 250 points done so far.
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