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  1. God is with you in your time of need. Your mother will be in a better place, Earth is just the waiting room. :)2 Corinthians 5: 1, 8Now we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven. . . We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and´╗┐ at home with the Lord.
  2. I am trying to play for a living, but am quite unsure of the path of which I am supposed to take. This past summer, I grinded out $12 000 playing 20/40 live limit and lost it playing 50/100 limit. I've tried to pick up and start again but I hit around 3k and bust out. I only play live and am wondering if this is the best choice now. Everyday there is a new kid my age striking it rich with some online tourny. This constant comparison leads me only to jealousy, possibly envy. This in turn leads me to, well, not 'anxiety' anxiety, but I do feel somewhat anxious about making it , soon. When
  3. That actually made me lol.Daniel, why didn't you continue with acting and when did you stop the extra work?
  4. Also I think this hand would be very valuable to improving my cash limit game. Please help me out, guys. Thanks
  5. What's wrong with value betting top pair?
  6. Dan, you said if you folded the turn you'd still have an average stack? With 375 left and blinds at 100-200 I think I missed something, prolly a typo or maybe a fellow forum member can show me a mistake I've made?-Joey
  7. I would miss the blog but you gotta do what you gotta do.Follow the Lord, Danny. He's brought you this far.
  8. I'm trying to find a good picture that I can blow up into a movie sized poster for my wall. Can you guys link up some decent pictures that may work? I'm preferably looking for one where he's at the tables.Thanks,Joey
  9. Because of this, I'm not reraising to 3000 and I'm just calling. I would've like to make it 3000 to keep him from sucking out on me but I like the smooth call. It is the best move.
  10. I had the situation down to an "uncallable" bluff bet or a strong hand that senses your small bets as value bets and moving all-in trying to maximize his money. But then I'm thinking, he HAS to have the nuts if he wants to get called by a strong hand. Would he think you're that strong with only a little bet on the turn?...even if it was a value bet? He's holding 10 J or he's holding nothing. If he wanted value for his hand you'd think a smaller bet on the river would do,...you need to figure out if he thinks you're strong or not. It sounds too planned, planned from the turn. He's faced w
  11. Daniel, I just finished watching a hand you played against Bigler at the PPT where Bigler came out betting with AQ out of position. You call with AJ.Flop comes rag-A-ragBigler bets 20k (at 6k for BB) and you call him down, with two checks at the river. (turn and river pair a rag, and another rag)I'm just curious at how you made such a great read against that AQ (on the flop, specifically) with top pair and a great kicker. I mean, you knew it so well that you didn't throw a flop re-raise just to see where you were.Thanks,Joey
  12. I'm looking for that blog entry where DN talks about reading that book "Blink". Any help would be great, thanks.
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