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  1. awesome, thanks for showing me your earlier post....still didnt answer my orig question though....is level 3 (your level 4) the same as what does he WANT me to think he has? Or if I am trying to think on that level should I just ask both questions and go from there?
  2. Sorry if this has been covered before, but I wasn't able to find anything by searching on this subject.So the topic is levels of thinking, and bare with me as I want to be sure I ask this correctly.To start off there is level 1-"What do I think he has" Level 2-"What does he think I have?" and then level 3-"What does he think, I think he has?"now is level three the same as "What does he WANT me to think he has"? and to piggyback that question, does anyone have lots of experience using this level and paying attention to the outcome, ie...he wants me to think he has X, but he ended up having
  3. katyuwf (wife's acct) feel free to add me as well, currently it is the site I have the most money on, just havent played much lately
  4. against 1 or 2 people maybe, but bluffing 3 people...you know you are possibly risking over half your chips with, if called, a hand that is gonna need help. Probably slim chance for one of them to have AA-JJ, but any pocket pair may call ya thinking you are shoving with a small pair, or over cards...
  5. Is it better to play small ball- lots of small potsOr play long ball poker- few large pots?
  6. oror had to take a shot on this one as wellEvilGNPensacola
  7. thats was as about as donkalicious as they come, dude kept going all in every hand and winning, of course I call with AJs against his q8o, he flushed...gg me
  8. Could be wrong of course, but I am raising the BS flag on the Autograph signing sting operation....
  9. "......they come over the top of me 12 times......"
  10. in my best Kelso voice......BURN!!!! but I was reading with curiosity until I saw the Juanda quitting poker title and instantly thought, DN's at it again, trying to fool us, Danny Boy, we are starting to read you like a book, time to switch gears and go back to playing tight
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