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  1. 4 mil a day! and you still cant get anyone on the phone that speaks english! sheesh!
  2. Im just laughing period....no but im on yahoo under mr_corleone69man grats on your goal....very nice
  3. DNA? I guess I should start scouting for $25/$50 players? ! LOL
  4. Freaking sick lay downs by AC...most players would be broke by now with the hands he has laid down.
  5. Don't you know...."IT's ALLEN CUNNINGHAM!"
  6. 1st day of the NFL season and the sportsbook goes down 5 minutes before the start of the games....LAME!
  7. Buzz, how many times have i told you that 2 outters happen every mili-second on suckout stars!DNA? at what line did you get the steelers? -5 or +1 1/2?
  8. Im trying to figure out who "Blinkerson" is! LOL
  9. When you move him all-in with pocket Aces and he insta calls pre-flop and says "I got two good unders"!
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