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  1. Well, I have tons of ideas for careers. My initial plan was to go to school to become a Physical Therapy Assistant which is what my Dad's profession is. The money is fairly good. Great idea though. Many of my friends are Filipino and you can guess what professions they all chose.How much are you paying for your schooling? ANYTIME ricker. Lets figure it out man. We can play a house game or we can all go down to Barona and have them open up a $1/3 NL table.I'm getting ... excited ...
  2. If you don't know exactly what You're talking about, please, refrain from using the reply button.Other than that, welcome!You'll learn a lot if you just read, apply, and be patient. Some of the veterans on here can use some abnormal tactics to get their point across.This is probably the best quote for you;"Grow thick skin"QFMFT! <Go to the poker forum glossary to find acronyms you don't understand>
  3. Well it looks like we HAVE to get a house game together or go hit up Sycuan or something!I live right by Toyota of Escondido, more towards El Norte though and on Escondido Blvd. not Lincoln lol. Confusing enough?San Pasqual huh? You know the logo on the football helmet? My Mom drew that when she went there. My uncle was a big football player there too.PM me we'll get together and play. Thanks for the hope.
  4. Escondido High SchoolDon't tell me you went to SM?
  5. Oh trust me I've thought long and hard. I've sat down plenty of times with the managers of this store and I guess age is a big issue. I mean they're literally asking me to train the managers with my knowledge!"Hey were going to be bringing someone in to be the parts manager and your going to need to show them the ropes and stuff so they can get the hang of it, mmmmm k?"Seriously I was going to slap her!This is what I heard:"Hey were bringing someone in who knows absolutely nothing! AND You're going to have to teach her how to be just as good as you. Oh and, your not getting a raise AND she
  6. How often should I play? 3-5 days a week?
  7. Barona is the closest to me that's anything decent to play at. I live in Escondido so it's a journey no matter what. I've played the 50 game a few times but when I was playing it was for fun not for money. Lots of suited connectors and kq kj k10 q10 just limping around since the post flop play was so bad.I like 4/8 it's just that I've been straying away from limit. My profits in NL are outstanding compared to limit. Limit just takes a lot of patience. Something that comes easy to me so it's no problem I just like NL much better.But yeah Escondido. Yeah the first time I played poker in a
  8. Well the specific place I was planning on playing daily was Barona concidering it's the closest. I really like the games at Sycuan though. I've thought about the online thing but I'm a more alert player live. I can handle myself online but I can just see myself playing out of my BR so much more likely because of the game availability.But yeah I would sit w/ 2k but everytime I get my roll up to a grand I have to ****** half of it on rent and bills.
  9. I'm not playing everyday part time. I've been playing 1-3 times bi-weekly. I think people are misunderstanding my BR. I havn't ever built up my BR. I always, don't misread here I ALWAYS have to spend it. It's not that I'm not capable of building a BR it's that my expenses always just jump up a few bucks or some fee or some bill or some fine.Let me open up a different line of questioning;Should I play 1/2 everyday to try and supplement my income? Or should I continue to play just a few times per week and spend what I make on bs bills and stippers and blow?
  10. True. I'll see what I can do. My father is an extreme drug user and my mother is a Jehovah's Witness so you all know how my life is......Greaaat...
  11. Thanks for all the posts guys.If you guys havn't noticed I can work at my current job and post ALL day long on here w/o interruptions. I've actually had offers to go do other things but I enjoy what I do. I sell car parts for Saturn. I just know the industry. I've been lined up to be manager 3 times and got the shaft each time. Probably because I'm so young.I think I might give it a shot. It's only for some part time support you know?The casino I like to play at spreads many different limits but the low limit NL games are amazingly soft. They have a $1/2 $50 max, $1/3 $100-$300 max, $2/
  12. Thanks for the reply.1,2,3 all make sense and I'm not taking them lightly. Well the game I'm used to $1/3 Nl $100-300max but I'm not looking to play for that much they offer a 1/2 50 game that is easily beaten. It's for part time income not full time support.
  13. Okay guys I'll give it to you straight.I've been playing poker for a good amount of time now. About half a decade. I understand the game. I understand the concepts of the game. I'm a solid player and I make a decent amount of profit but once again money is always an issue.I moved out of my house when I was 18 and I had been playing poker for almost 2 years already but never really ventured into the casino. Well I finally got my cherry popped and I've been a casino rat ever since. Back to my dilema. I definitly moved out of my house w/o enough financial support. I make $10 bucks an hour
  14. I bet half his stack on the river.You'll win unless he's slow playing a flush in that case you're toast.I can't see him slow playing a set here he probably would have bet the turn unless he knew you had a king and was stringing you along the whole way.I still bet him on the river, worst case senario you get raised and can fold.***Edit***After re-reading the hand I definily think he has a KQ or K10.
  15. Well after reading numerous post about how not to call with KK and to call with KK I'm going to give my $0.02.Anyone here remember Smash's Theory?Push with all sets.Push w/ AA & KK.Could this "fisherson" be applying this theory? I guess we'll never know.
  16. Okay this is the way I've been looking at poker lately and I've been fairly successful.If the board is K73 rainbow and we have TPTK we most likely have the best hand and want to get paid off.I check/raise just to throw off my opponents and I think they will go all in. Check/Raising IMHO works better with short stacks.Against an Aggr. player who will most likely call any flop to try and hit an over card or hit a bd flush, i'll bet at least the pot.Another strategy that works great for me is over betting the pot with TPTK you'll either take it down on the flop or you can push the turn w/o a sca
  17. Yeah it was okay. I actually was like wtf is this movie then I kind of let it sink in and appreciated it for what it's worth.Did you like it?I'm sorry for asking but what does that have to do with the dominoes? I havn't even thought of that movie since I paid 9.75 for it.
  18. I remember the first time I read his blog. Man did I laugh uncontrolably for hours.Character is the only word for him.Cool Video of some guy who sets up 10,000 gold coins like dominoes. It's awesome.http://www.break.com/index/ten_thousand_coin_dominoes.html
  19. I love trip reports.Sorry about the near miss with the cash, next time, next time...Did you bang any hookers on Your trip?
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