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  1. Stressed?Get over it.You're not a soldier, policeman, firefighter, doctor, etc...You're playing a game.
  2. Lol.John Basedow is da' bomb!Fitness Made Simple baby.
  3. Does anyone know if there is currently a 20% deposit bonus on Party? What's the code? If not, when do you guys anticipate the next one to be? Usually there is one every month right? And one every 3 months for PokerStars?
  4. There are two card rooms in San Jo. Bay 101 and Garden City. Google is your friend.
  5. Normandie is in Gardena.Crystal Park is in Compton.I don't think any casino spreads Chicago. LOL. What a jopker.
  6. Well... at Commerce, if you play 9-18 or lower, you are stuck in the giant cafeteria. Ambiance blows. The games are pretty juicy. If you play higher limits you might catch some celebs in the big games room.My personal favorite is the Hustler Casino where they seem to have spent more money on the decor. The games are about the same as any where else but it's mainly a Hold 'Em casino and they don't spread much stud or omaha. You'll also catch some celebs here occasionally along with the Big Game.If you like hot Vietnamese chicks, playing in a giant smelly tent, your best bet in Hawaiian Gardens.
  7. Ummm... I'm pretty sure that if you want to gamble legally in the state of California whether Indian or Card Club, you need to be 21 years old. You can check any casino's website and it will state you need to be 21 or older to enter. Indian or Card Club.In the LA Area:Indian - San Manuel (1 hr east of LA) and Pechanga (1.5 hrs southeast of LA) are the closest. Morongo (Palms - ghetto style) is about 2 hrs east.In town Card Clubs - Commerce, Hustler, Normandie, Crystal Park, Club Caribe, Hawaiian Gardens, Bicycle, Hollywood Park.
  8. Now it just sounds like you want to seduce him...
  9. Is Johnny Chan the greatest ever?
  10. All the so-called "winning" online-players say that there's no cheating in online-poker and that it's perfectly safe. How do we know that you're not the ones cheating and you're just leading the lambs to the slaughter? Hah! And for someone to say that those who think there is cheating are paranoid? Well, in an industry that is completely new and unregulated, I believe we are more cautious than paranoid. There is no proof whatsoever that this unregulated industry is true and fair.
  11. Do you work for Pokerroom.com?Maybe we're paranoid. But as I have said, I've spent many hours on tons of other sites and have suffered plenty of incredible bad beats. It's just that on Pokerroom.com they come one after another. I also don't trust their bonus clearing tracking system.
  12. I've spent lots of time on Pokerstars, PartyPoker, Fulltilt, UltimateBet, and those sites all seem to be legitamite.BUT, has anyone spent time on PokerRoom.com? Oh my goodness, this is one shady site. First - when you look to see your progress on clearing their bonus it is not updated real-time like every other sites. It's updated randomly. So you'll be playing a couple tables and for 5 minutes you won't see any increase toward your goal. Then you check again 10 minutes later and it has moved a little bit... It's random.Secondly, I've suffered many a bad beats on all sites. But over the course
  13. Regarding Hustler's one blind... That only applies to the smaller limit games. In 3-6, typically BB is 3 and SB is 1 but at Hustler, there is only BB. But in 6-12 and higher limits, there will be 2 blinds, 6 for BB and 2 for SB or in 15-30, 15 for BB and 10 for SB.
  14. 1) Commerce Casino - By far the biggest of them all. Probably any game and limit you can imagine. I hate those damn metallic chips though, so I refuse to play there. Also, I hate the ginormous cafeteria like atmosphere. It's loud and obnoxious there. Food is okay. You'll see the occasional celebrity (Ben Affleck? Leo DiCrapio? the older kid brother from Home Improvement - not Jonathan Taylor Thomas. LOL.)2) Bicycle Casino - The bike is a bit smaller than Commerce. Still the giant cafeteria like atmosphere which I can't stand. Lots of different games and limits as well. Never ate there. Also do
  15. Ahh Torrey Pines, my old stomping grounds. You should try to play some golf while you are there. Ocean's 11 is 15-20 minutes north on Interstate-5 off Mission Ave in Oceanside. You can see it on your right off the freeway. Pechanga will be 1hr Northeast off the 15 freeway. Viejas, Sycuan, Barona will be 45-60 minutes southeast off the 8 Freeway. Have fun. What game/limits are you looking to play? The 20/40 at Ocean's 11 is juicy. 8/16 is okay over there too. They'll also have a few types of NL games spread.
  16. Hey Daniel,In this last update, it looks like you had 10 of 13 sessions as winning sessions but then you later state that it is not representative of your play. To be a successful cash game player, what do you think is a realistic winning percentage?
  17. The biggest poker room in San Diego is Ocean's 11 Casino in Oceanside off the I-5 Freeway. It's got everything from 1-2 all the way to 20-40 or higher. And spreads a couple NL, Stud, Omaha games as well. The staff is extremely professional and the atmosphere is a family atmosphere where if you were to become a regular, everybody would know your name. It's my recommendation for poker in San Diego. Elsewhere in SD are the Indian Casinos - Sycuan, Barona, Viejas, Pechanga - games there are okay but their poker rooms are not as big nor spread as many types of games as Ocean's 11. Then there are yo
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