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  1. you are the live one at my tableI'd love to play you heads up lucky(fish). Whats your pokerstars name? Lets do a 100 dollar heads up sit n go. pm me
  2. You're an idiotno. i'll agree with that. but i think he's doing it cause he wants to look younger cause he's going bald. You know rounder of the people, new wave of poker, and all that jazzglad someone isn't blind. what you say makes sense. I think he should just ditch the comb over though. Hes not fooling anyone. He could still bleach it blonde and let the baldness show. It'd be better then combing it like he does. He could go for the Bruce Willis in fifth element thing
  3. You're an idiotYour saying I'm wrong? Then You are blind, or stupid. If not then you're just a groupie. Either way I'm not trying to diss him. Its just really obvious his hair is thinning. Bleaching it will only hurt
  4. I don't get why he bleaches his hair blonde. I mean if your hairs thinning that badly all bleaching it is gonna do is make it look more dead and thin. Which is bad for a comb over
  5. I'm a man. I lived it and I'm not afraid to die but when I die I'm going to paradise and I'm not worried.
  6. Don't flatter yourself, you fool. I can't help it if your name and avatar look like mine :roll:
  7. surely he can cum to pokerstars and lose his money to me
  8. Negreanu, lets do this. I promise there will be plenty of beer and wine on hand 8)
  9. Daniel Negreanu, you say you won't refuse anyone. Whats with this ' $100,000 to $500,000 ' garbage? Looks like someone is afraid of low stakes players. Well I challenge you! Mr Negreanu!!! Lets have aheads up match for $46.33. Mono a swine! You seem to have plenty of time to be an alchoholic and obsess over Annie Duke, so you surely can't be too busy to play the best low stakes no limit hold em player on the planet?!?!? You got nothing coming, Negreanu. It's ludicrous you even attempt to enter my realm. I'm going to enjoy this. I want to humiliate YOU heads up. Your combover angers me! I'
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