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  1. It was obviously a horrible play since he went on to win the tourney. Like any of you know what was going through his head or you had a better read on Chua through TV than he had live.
  2. How could the chip leader only have 3k if there were 110 in the tourney and it was down to 11?
  3. how many people were in this tourney?
  4. hoof31


    It takes more faith to think that magically something appeared from nothing to start the big bang? Last time i checked if you have a perfect vacuum with nothing in it..no molecules atoms or anything else...nothing will appear no matter how much you hope for it. Then lets look at some of that science that you seem to base your faith that there is no God on. If just one part out of 10^120 was different Id show the zeros but thats a whole lot of zeros after that one. Basically since this is a place full of people who understand gambling odds..Its like winning the lottery over and over. We are no
  5. hoof31


    To quote smash from like 2 months ago, "yeah, i like cheese."
  6. hoof31


    I always seem to loose with pocket aces
  7. hoof31


    How do you guys play ace king suited before the flop?
  8. Daniel has just made the the final six at Tunica. I guess when he is in the right frame of mind there is no stopping him.
  9. 11:00 am pacific. The weekday one is hard for me as well because of the time.
  10. What's your bank account and routing number and I will deposit the money in thier? How much do you think you will need?
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