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  1. I really hate it when people say "nice catch" after they lose to you. I had one guy tell me that. Of course I had flopped the nut straight and he missed his flush and he says "nice catch"
  2. I would have to raise on the turn to find out where I stood. I would not want to give the BB a free card on the turn. If BB raises I would probably fold if I felt like BB made his hand.
  3. I am currently only able to play the .25-.or .50-1.00 tables at UB, but I have found that being aggressive at these tables does not often work as people call you anyway. Depending on my position I may play A-A aggressive or I might limp in if I'm in early position. I think, and by no means am I an expert, that playing aggressive in later position work well. I also try to mix it up. You would be amazed at how many people play their J-J, Q-Q, K-K, and A-A aggressive all the time. I like to keep a book on these players so I can save myself some bets if I have a marginal hand like 8-8 or eve
  4. If you can't pay rent because you thought you could just play online poker to get money call 1-800 BETS OFF. You might have a problem. Try thinking of the money you might win as income in addition to the income from a real job. Only 15% of the people playing poker actually win and fewer make a living at it.
  5. According to Phil Helmuth, if it goes to a showdown player B can much his cards and Player A can ask to see them. It is considered bad form to ask to see the mucked cards.
  6. If you can make money at these games do it. Remember though, you could make even more money by moving up one level(.50-1 to 1-2) and the competion would be a little better(if that's what you are into). If you are talking online I would have to say be careful. The online sites are making more money on the low limit tables with the rake due to sheer volume. If you come in and start pushing the lower limit tables around with you bigger bankroll, some players may never play again. This hurts the site and may decrease the number of players playing and worst case scenario, the site shuts down
  7. I am wondering what the easiest or hardest online sites are to make money on. Which sites have the fish? Which sites will test my skill. I am currently playing on UB. I was thinking of switching to Poker Room. Any thoughts?Thanks, Orville
  8. Can I download it or do I have to buy the disc?
  9. I was thinking of getting Poker Tracker. I am looking for an analyer that I can use while playing. Does this program do that. Are there any other ones I should be looking at?Thanks
  10. Recently the wife finally let me deposit money and play some online poker. The only condition was that when my 50 bucks was gone, I could not refill it. I have been playing very tight, usually only playing pairs from 7-7 on up, and A-K and A-Q. Sometimes, depending on position, I will play A-J. Is this strategy to tight? With my current bankroll I can only play the .25-.50 cent tables. I have found out that many players call all the way to the end even though they started with nothing. Half the time they out draw me by the river. It get frustrating getting beat by someone who started w
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