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  1. LOL! I get a couple on PS that recognize the name too. Not many, but it's cool when they do know what it's from."I'm giving you all the magic I got!"
  2. Cool. Thanks for the replies.That is what I was doing. Raising with good hands, betting flops, but I think these guys weren't playing as serious as I was. I mean, if one of them got an A, you knew it... it was so obvious. Especially if one showed up on the turn or river.Unfortunatley none of the times their cards would hit did I have anything worth playing. I didn't even have to pay to see their cards... They loved showing their "awesome hands" and "awesome plays" chasing that K or A or Q to the river. I learned they were all having a good time, playing every hand, and realized that I s
  3. Exactly what I did. Just remember, I said without cards. So even on anything you play or didn't play, you made nothing.. :)I tried everything in the book for 5 games... Everyone just played everything. One guy kept playing and made 4-5 gut shot straights on the river... this is the same guy that played Q2os through a hand without a pair, draw, or anything on the river. lol...I think if the buy in was $20 instead of $5 it may have made difference. The good thing is I did placed 3rd every game out of 8... lol
  4. I've been holding my own in freezeout nlh tourneys lately. I consider myself an average to above average player.With the group I play with there are 2-3 of us who "respect" each other, which is cool since afterwards we love to discuss hands, etc.But, we have been running into situations where we play with people who are very loose and agressive. And, I hate to say it, but "lucky!"In one tournament AA were cracked 4 out of 5 times by hands like K6os with trips, two pair, etc. A raise of at least 5xbb preflop as well, so it's not like we weren't trying to push out the garbage.I know in the lo
  5. Just like those idiots that seem to call an all in with 86os and hit and then say "that's poker".i don't knowwhy, but I've seen a lot of guys playing 86os lately. Especially heads up.
  6. It is a fairly poor show.. the play is awful, but the final two last night were pretty good players... Howie was a riot, though...I know they filmed an espisode with the guys from OCC... i want to see that one.. probably already missed it.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is limit, dude. No can do...Sorry, didn't realize OP was talking limit. Who wastes their time with that?Let me change my answer then. Check/fold. Cash in. Find a NL game.
  8. I usually post a feeler bet here... 3-5x bb. If I get callers I assume:1. Someone is on a straight/flush draw2. Someone is bluffing the previous and hit absolutley nothing3. Someone hit a mid/low pair looking for 2 pair (like a A6 or K6 waiting for the overcard to come up)4. Someone hit 2 pair on garbageThe feeler usually lets you know. Depending on your chip position and if a possible str8 or flush hits on the turn, you get a better feel.Sometimes it pays to get callers that have you beat to know what they're playing.When someone else checks the flop with garbage after raising pre-flop,
  9. I have a friend that does ok... he hosts tourneys and maxes em out at 40 (4 tables).He supplies food, hires dedicated dealers, buys a couple kegs, and charges $75 buy in.. Then pays out top 5.Things go smooth until the final table. Everyone's watching and drunk and yelling "raise the blinds!" every 5 minutes. The scheduled blind intervals go in the crapper quickly which sucks if you're shortstacked.Also, I can't convince them that heads up dealer is small blind. Seems every group i play with they do it backwards...
  10. You're right... what some consider a good hand others consider garbage or hands that can get you into trouble.Played last weekend with this one gal that would play an A to the river every time, no matter the raise. I was betting on mid pair and she kept calling... then a K came out on the river (making my mid pair a low pair now) and I checked, and she checked....I showed my 5s and she showed her Ax... she was like "Why weren't you betting if you had a pair on the board?" I just smiled. I told her I thought she was "trapping" me.I saw her play that A like that more times and lose everythi
  11. Those low money limit games everyone calls everything... Isn't it funny, though, that when there is a flush, the guy with 2 suited undercards wins. But when you have the K high flush, there's always someone with the A high flush...
  12. Actually for me K6s is my worst enemy. Busted me out of 2 tourneys last weekend. Once with a higher flush (I had the Q, A on the board) and once shortstacked with QQ all in, K6s calls hits the K.The first move was an early move with a flush on the board, and a possible boat. 2 before me bet like they had a mid-low flush, I had the QJ (A on the board). I went all in. My buddy who knows my tight agressive play says "everyone knows a full house beats a flush, right?" I couldn't have asked for a better "reminder" since i was betting on a good flush, but also that they didn't have the boat.
  13. I watched the demos too, and I'm just guessing that while it will be a cool game, those used to playing more "fast paced" on PS et all will think the play is a little slow. But it's hard to tell from the small demos.
  14. The best steaming was reminded yesterday with a rerun of the 2004 WPC... D'Augstino at the final table getting just HAMMERED in 4-5 hands going from first to out.That had to have hurt.Then with his one chip he goes "all in" and has KK.. and still loses...I felt for the guy... he's one of my fav players.
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