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  1. harman's section really gave me a push in the right direction as far as aggressiveness goes. that section is worth the price alone to a new guy like me.
  2. sure, at first it looks like a steal, but after the call on the flop i'd be worried about the flush draw. on the turn when the akishore raises your bet i'd most likely fold as he is representing the flush ( i feel that there are bigger less scary pots down the road so i wouldn't mind chucking a few bets here). you called. you have a better read on this guy than me so i'll trust you on this one. imho when akishore bet the river it was time to fold unless this guy is just way to agressive. sure it's a nice pot, but the chances of him having the flush here are quite high. i'm no master of figuri
  3. seriously? shopping? i kinda get the feeling that the OP just gets off on finding stuff to cry about.
  4. "Hell, cigarrettes can KILL you but they don't do anything more than put a warning label on those. The hypocrisy is just staggering! "i think that's a geat idea! the should put a warning lable on the tables that says "warning, poor playing will cost you lots of money" then everyone would be off the hook!it works for cigarettes, why not poker? :-)
  5. i've asked a lot of people for the price you should be getting to play suited connectors . i've always gotten the same answer "you should always play suited connectors in late position in multi-way pots"...great advice, sure,but still no answer to my question.so i took it upon myself to deal out 100 hands with a common suited connector. 8 9 .my method for figuring out the win% was this. i would take all implied odds into acount against a feild of 6, and any hand which gave me two pair or better i called a win. ie. a hand i would call at the river and feel pretty good about.i threw out hands
  6. what were they thinking!?!? they obviously had no idea who they were messing with!
  7. does anybody think this is less than a phone call away? come on, if they wanted to play each othe they would. since it hasn't happened yet, i'm guessing that it isn't that big of a deal to either of them...btw my money's on phil
  8. nice to see that things are going better. i just had a string of bad luck that really put me off the game for a bit. it's nice to hear that there's light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. my big hang up was that if you're way over skilled for the game that you're sitting in on, it is moraly wrong to do so...it's like smaking kids and taking their money.did some thinking and came up with this. when most people play any game of chance they expect to loose, and that's what alot of people are doing when they play poker.the house always has an edge. everybody knows that (or should).the fish play for action. they could care less for long term winnings and are just hoping to make money in the short run.so the way that i see it is that they (the fish) are paying me to be entertained...
  10. i know this is a little out there, but i was just wondering if there was a moral cut off line so to speak, after which you know it's wrong to play lower limit games. the point where it is no longer a game of player vs. player, but more akin to stealing someones wallet.
  11. not to be the wet blanket here but, when 8 seats out of the money folding JJ under the gun seems pretty easy. so the maniac raised. it wasn't all that strong to start with under these conditions. you already said that most of the feild was weak, aka they won't respect a raise, even from first position. thats if they even know what first position is (you said home game right?)tough break, but bad callp.s. just lost JJ to 7 5 off all in so i feel ya.
  12. v150super. it's the one with the zombie/nurse/snake thing
  13. i know i'm new here but i just thought i'd share. had a losing session last night. not the worst thing in the world, but this was by far the worst session i've ever had.i'm still positve for my bank roll, but i knocked my bb/hour ratio down a few pegs.anyway, the reason for the post, it made me really go back and look at what i've been doing with my game. not just my game but the game in general. gotta say i'm pretty stoked. worked some stuff out today that i would have normaly never payed attention to. so yeah, it sucked to lose the money, but in hindsight i'm glad i did.p.s. can anyone give
  14. Limit. I'm don't think it's a comfort issue. Before I'd read SSHE, joined this forum, and got PokerTracker/Gametime+, I played on Party .50/1 Limit. I was doing okay until I got really drunk one night, lost my whole B/R, and don't remember any of it. It was last time I drank and played.gota love that drinking and playing thing. i may as well open my wallet and invite people to help themselves when i've been drinking. big money idea. computers with breathalizers :-)
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