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  1. No. The increase in costs come from across the board. Hospital reimbursements/charges, malpractice insurance/lawsuits, THE COST OF THE UNINSURED, when you understand that healthcare is 1/6th of our economy, you wouldn't make ridiculous claims like blaming the small part of the problem as the main source. It's silly. I don't know, maybe you're including things like tort costs and stuff in 'end of life care'. You have done a good job of seeming totally ignorant with regards to healthcare, reform, and obamacare. I think you're smarter than you're coming off in this thread specifically, it's conf
  2. I think the repubs have something up their sleeve, probably some revelation on maes that could force him to withdraw. Although, if he's smart he stays in to punish his party, because fuck them if they can't get a viable candidate, try harder next time assholes. If he withdraws, so does tancredo and the repubs run whoever they decide. I don't think this is quite over.
  3. http://reason.com/archives/2010/09/14/rogue-states/1
  4. Unless Maes drops out, which he shouldn't, then Tancredo has pretty much solidified support for hickenlooper. gg.http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?sto...0&catid=339I hate politicians, so this stuff is just awesome to me. Repubs never thought Maes would win, now repubs are withdrawing support in the hope that Maes drops out. Repubs won't win with Maes and Tancredo both running.
  5. I agree, but that's the easiest way for me to ask you this question. My next question would be where you draw the line, what your definitions are etc, because I still think you're using selective interpretation with regards to your views, but I guess everyone does that to a degree. I'm not even sure what 'selective interpretation' means, it's just the easiest way for me to convey what I feel like I'm observing.
  6. That's fine, but you also advocate an individual mandate along with socialized medicine. Where do you draw the line between here (leaving them the fuck alone), and things like sodium requirements and san fucking fransisco (fucking with my life directly). I'm curious because it seems like you're selectively interpreting what you're for and against, kind of BG style. Respectfully.
  7. I can't wait for the lefties here to complain when cuts are maid to medicare, when their parents start having problems getting covered under obamacare. complete story at link.
  8. http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/09/louis-...itlers-daughter
  9. For fuck's sake.Sebelius calls on health insurers to stop misinformation and unjustified rate increasesWASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wrote America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the national association of health insurers, calling on their members to stop using scare tactics and misinformation to falsely blame premium increases for 2011 on the patient protections in the Affordable Care Act. Sebelius noted that the consumer protections and out-of-pocket savings provided for in the Affordable Care Act should result in a minimal impac
  10. I know we've moved on to the hypothetical stupid girl.fwiw, my roommate had a serious b/f five years ago, and never planned on having the house by the time she got ass****ed by the ARM. Her two renters pay her mortgage, so her losing her job wasn't really a huge problem. She's got a fantastic rack, and bitches can bartend fucking anywhere. She's single now, the market sucks, and she definitely can't afford the new mortgage, even though she knowingly signed the contract five years ago. She's most definitely okay with having shitty credit, since she wants to move to florida with mom and dad to g
  11. If an employer stops providing benefits, there is no underlying medical plan for the COBRA to continue coverage. If the medical plan goes away, so does the COBRA. Each state is different, as COBRA is over 20 employees, so small employers will be affected differently. Our state has 'continuation' that mirrors cobra for smaller employers. Also, if an employee hasn't been on the plan for longer than six months (high turnover employees etc), then they don't qualify for cobra or continuation. Lucky for my clients, we already had an additional high risk pool/safety net program called cover colorado.
  12. Well, the 'right' thing to do, in my opinion, would be to not lie on a mortgage application. It seems like anyone who isn't looking to take advantage of the system would think enough to not lie about their income. But, she was only looking to make a buck since the market was solid and she didn't have to prove her income. I might have made the same decision that she did, but I'm not in her shoes so I don't know. Honestly, it's more of a liberal/conservative thing, I think. She hates bush, loves obama but can't be bothered to vote. She thinks the government should pay for her health care, includ
  13. Except that she has no intention of repaying the money she signed a contract for, it seems like you are, you know, honoring the contract you signed.My transmission went out and I owe more than that cost on the car, so I have to put the balance of my current loan on my new car. I understand this, and I accept it as part of owning a car. I fail to understand how my roommate thinks she can just walk away from her mortgage because she lost her job, the market sucks, and she made a shitty investment decision five years ago. Our family does fix n flips on the weekends. I'm torn, because we get fanta
  14. It's all good. It's difficult for me to get offended in this thread when it's so difficult to get good info. I'm even hearing different interpretations of obamacare from different carriers. It's nuts.To answer your question, theoretically, assuming that 'fine' goes directly to pay for uninsureds, it's a fine idea. Realistically though, since our current system is employer based, when that employer based coverage goes away, there is no options except a public program. The program created under obamacare, gettingUSCovered, only covers people who have been without coverage for six months or longe
  15. Now that we passed it and are seeing what's in it.Things are changing rapidly, but it's starting to appear that this whole 'grandfathering' of health insurance plans is going to be difficult for small employers to deal with. Basically, if you want to keep your current coverage ('grandfathered'), it's going to be nearly impossible to qualify for discrimination requirements, even though they might be legal currently. For example, it's very expensive to provide coverage to part time, seasonal, and high turnover employees, so we see management carve-outs, where only salaried managers and owners ar
  16. My roommate is a bartender who lied on her application for a $206,000 mortgage, 5 year ARM, in 2006. They never verified income, and she never should have qualified. She figured she could sell the house for a profit sometime in those first five years. She recently got fired, and has stopped paying her mortgage. She's okay with the credit hit, and the bank will be reimbursed by TARP and taxpayers like me. Hers is now the 8th house for sale on a 16 house street, and is worth $165,000.It's infuriating.It's similar with health insurance and reform. It's our job to find out how to bend the rules fo
  17. Any relevant bible verses that you could quote?Also, what are your thoughts on the single square method?
  18. Are you saying that our current models are anywhere near accurate, or are you just saying they're less inaccurate than before?
  19. Group insurance trends 12-20% each year, this year it's on the higher end. Individual insurance trends slightly less at 5-15%. Some of my individual clients have seen 40-50% increases.You all can act like healthcare reform doesn't have an immediate effect on rates, but that's a foolish position to take. It's ridiculous to assume that we won't see increases in premiums as a direct result of this legislation. Before healthcare reform was passed, we were seeing the lower side of that trend.Moving forward, the only way employers will save money is by keeping 'grandfathered' plans with current bene
  20. Employees often don't appreciate the contribution that employers make on their behalf with regards to healthcare. It used to be that the benefits package is what separated similar employers, now everything is less transparent. Good for you that you're offering coverage instead of bonuses, your families with medical conditions thank you.I hope you're using an agent for your insurance needs instead of working direct with your carrier. Make sure you're current agent is a member of the national association of health underwriters. If not, find a better agent through nahu.org. A good agent will save
  21. I'm torn between the light weight of particle board versus the quality and longterm usage of hardwood. Hardwood is a huge pain to move up and down stairs.
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