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  1. ok ok, start the ribbing...I can take it...(btw, I got it). lol
  2. Excuse the ignorance...where is the password posted for freeroll #2?
  3. wow, I have just waisted 5 minutes of my life and will never get it back. I feel so empty.
  4. My worst beat...I am the chip leader in a $1,000,000 buy in tournament on PartySuckOut.com.I get Q5 and decide to call an all in, cause I am crazy like that. What the heck I say, he is probaly bluffing. Well he wasn't and I got knocked out in 31st! Right on the bubble to not get any money back! I was like.."nh". So it was all good. A great experience and all, helped me learn alot about this thing called poker. Funny thing is I thought I was playing Bridge! Better luck next time I thought.Thanks for letting me post this here."HI MOM" <<saying hi to my mom.Good luck all, hope to se
  5. it is free for 30 days, after that you have to register and payI have 6 days left.
  6. You really are an idiot. Maybe you didn't read correctly....the TV I posted about is for my pokerroom. I got a 60' in the living area...so yeah...my dik is still bigger than yours.Oh my god! I am totally sorry...seriously I thought the posting was from a female. My bad, "g".
  7. Wouldn't he need an excercise room to lose his "backroll" not a poker room?edit: damn you edited your post fast...the original (above) made you look much worse than the current oneI am good like that.58!
  8. You really are an idiot. Maybe you didn't read correctly....the TV I posted about is for my pokerroom. I got a 60' in the living area...so yeah...my dik is still bigger than yours.Oh my god! I am totally sorry...seriously I thought the posting was from a female. My bad, "g".
  9. First of all....the Original post was meant as a joke...and I don't need some newb ripping me because his wife likes large black men and he has a fear of black balls. Nice read on my part.I however, am not black, and the original post came out of excitement and satisfaction. So seriously...take your 56 posts and stick them up your azz......Azzhole.As for Ron...that $100 tourney sucks azz.....yeah...you get alot of chips....and after a few levels you are gonna think that it is the greatest structure in history.....but it's not. The structure accelerates considerably after you reach 200-400..
  10. scatmen like poopCorrection! scatmen LOVE poop+1 post+1mm to my penis, whoo hooooo
  11. Tim, you sir are correct.To this fine gentleman.I'm not sure he was serious in calling himself a p-i-mp. I think it was just excitement. Although, he does buy Sean John sweat suits.Second, he doesn't have a basement. If he did, it would be a fish tank. We live in FL.Third, and most important, it's spelled intelligent. Unless you were being witty, then I guess I missed that. Is it really a joke if nobody laughs?Fifth- The Rock is short for The Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL. The tourney I mentioned is probably the best one in the state for the money. See, here in FL, we ha
  12. ya know, it is good to hear when someone opens up their basement for poker. Kudoos. I finished mine two years ago. But I went with the 42" plasma. Looks much better than an LCD. Also rated #1 in Consumer Reports (Samsung).I do think you need to change the ebonics, not very in-tell-e-gent (that help?)Anyone that calls themselves a pimp is normally just another retard.Buy the way Mexico, what is "the Rock"?
  13. wow. you capped it with 3 clubs on the board on the turn.donktastic! lucky it hit.eeeeeee--awwwww----eeeee----awwwwwahole
  14. Had 10 2 in the small blind at a 5-10 table at Greektown Casino in Michigan. Called a raise and had a four way pot. Flop came 10 7 10 . Seat one bet, seat two raised, seat three re-raised and I capped it. VERY loose table. Which was good. Turn came a 4 . Same betting scheme, pot was large. Seat one bet, seat two called, three folded and I raised. Seat one then re-raised me! I was like...ok and raised back to cap it. The river brought the case 10! So I am sitting with quads! Nice. The betting was capped, seat one had a boat, seat two had a flush. Let's just say, someone
  15. I grind the 5-10 and 50-100 NL at Greektown Casino in Michigan.Seems as if this is where all the fish are.Soon to move to 10-20, when they ever open a table.I just refuse to risk my bankroll on the 100 min NL.good luck
  16. Wow, you talk highly of yourself. I bet you have had ribs removed so you can fold yourself over when you feel like pleasuring yourself.
  17. Submit this again, I didin't get it.
  18. It's source is probaby from someones shi&&y online blog. All blogs suck, people take them out of context and think they are correct news worthy stories, just like this retard thought.
  19. My turn to stab (mexico term)..Greektown Casino, Detroit, MI, $100 NL...Hand 1. AAHand2. KKHand3. AKHand4. QQHand 5. 88Hands6-67. 2-6 offsuit.Lovely.DPRCEO2003www.danspokerroom.com
  20. Set your scedule, set your pace. If you double up, call that good and go make a pb&j. Or go watch a movie. Now you have money to play with at a later day when you are in the mood. Remember it isn't about how much you win now, but how much you win over time. Create a spreadsheet on your play, keep stats and you will see an improvement. At least I have. Good luck.DPRCEO2003www.danspokerroom.com
  21. I thought you did too and then I checked my email and it was in there. Yes I do know that this is pittance for a lot of you and for you I am happy. For me 10 dollars is three meals. I don't have mommy and daddy there to pick me up when I fall.I can dodge bullets baby -Phil Helmuth, jr. Dumbest quote award winner. What an idiot.DPRCEO2003www.danspokerroom.com
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