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  1. I did a search and do not see this posted. I was going to post in "Poker News" but the posts are few so I posted here for coverage....I do not know David but assume it is true. If so this is BAD and ultra dangerous for us non-sheeple.http://redbullandpoker.blogspot.com/2009/0...-peat-phil.htmlhttp://beltwayblips.dailyradar.com/story/d...t_poker_on_nbc/http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/29/news-...ged-dea-401077/http://www.igamingbusiness.com/article-det...articleID=19919http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Discussion-...p;InfoNo=044788
  2. Your personality type is ISTJ.Introverted (I) 91% Extraverted (E) 9% Sensing (S) 94% Intuitive (N) 6% Thinking (T) 100% Feeling (F) 0% Judging (J) 82% Perceiving (P) 18%Possible Career Paths for the ISTJ: Business Executives, Administrators and Managers -- Not meAccountants and Financial Officers -- Not really mePolice and Detectives -- Was meJudges -- Could be meLawyers -- Could be meMedical Doctors / Dentists -- Not really meComputer Programmers, Systems Analysts, and Computer Specialists -- Could be meMilitary Leaders -- Was me
  3. A little birdie once told me they were better than BOLD for emphasis.
  4. 1. Woods goofed.2. Huck should have bet the flop,,,,Chan should call a "med" bet from Huck because there is no way he can put him on 6 6 6,but could have been scared of J J J and no bet,,,,Chan should have bet a "med" amount if noone bet and decide after what next after next action,,,but he didn't so he should have made a "med" bet on turn same same.... Not as bad as 10 10 10 fold.3. The 10 10 10 hand should have called and taken a look at the river to decide his next move. Bad fold.4. Unless Joe "knew" he was beat by nuts he should not have folded. Just too many other possible hands. Worse th
  5. KTW


    Glass cylinder in the center to take up the space making each glass the same volume.
  6. Wife. No specific reason other than she worked at a bank for many years and doesn't mind doing it. If her MS gets so bad that she can no longer do it than I will have to do the task. It is not that difficult.
  7. I am Republican and will most likely vote for Mc Cain. IF I was a Democrat I would vote for Obama before "her".... I have some Dem views and Rep views. I am not 100% either 1. I am Pro Choice but at the same time Very Pro War. I wonder why I have to pay $6K in property tax for a modest 2k sq ft house. Why does it cost $750 a month for a healthy 40 yo to have health insurance?
  8. $10/$20 at the Bellagio 2 weeks ago....I am SB with Ac8c. 3 limpers, I complete and BB checks. Flop = Ah8hAd. E1 checks to me I bet $100. BB raises to $300. I call. E1 else folds. Turn is 4s. I bet $1,000 he allins for remaining @$2,300. I call. River is Qd. I turn over my A8 and he turns over AQ. The table goes crazy with OMG! and Holy Sheet!. I give a little nod to the guy and he does the same. Neither 1 of us said a word. 1 side of the table was like "WOW! were you not scared of AQ or AK?" The other was like WOW! I would have bet more sooner to get him to fold". They were talking and freaki
  9. Overall = For my wife's Multiple Sclerosis to vanish. (not really a goal, but it would be nice)Poker = 1) Make enough so I have to pay at least $100K in taxes...2) Find another place to stay when in Vegas this month, as they blew up my Frontier.Home related = 1) Finish the seemingly endless task of landscaping...2)Don't die when hanging 2 100 pound mirrors on the wall next month.Me = Lose 50 pounds/3.57 stone/22.62 Kg
  10. I do not make a stink about it but I like either heads up or full table. If it is a "big" game with decent size blinds you will see that sort of thing happen a lot.
  11. Yup, pretty much what they said, Fold.
  12. I read it all a few times but I guess I am missing something. I do not understand the "2nd nuts = nuts" thing..If you think he has the As, fold. If not, call.
  13. Speed of Light Insta Fold. It's only AQ and there were 2 others who called the $80 raise with 1 re-raising allin with 1 LTA after you? There would be lightning I would fold so fast.
  14. I am not sure about the WSOP but I have noticed the $1 bills while watching WPT events....The paperwork a bank would file is a CTR = Currency Transaction Report or FinCEN Form 104, formerly Form 4789. It is basically used to tell the IRS the info regarding the over $10k transaction. The Casino would file a Form 103. It is all part of the Bank Secrecy Act crap.
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