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  1. For whoever said i have bad english, im sorry... see im french and I like to just practise typing to better my english... sorry it wasnt up to par...I realize that it wasnt a beat in the sense of getting rivered or turned... its just beacause I just missed the money by one...I dont know why so many people have to be mean or rude all the time... if you dont like it you can skip it... no need to reply just to insult me for any reason...but I just wont post next time... i'll just read instead.for whoever was dissapointed.. im sorry for wasting your time... i just thought it was an interesting thi
  2. I just finnished playing a freeroll tournament at Pacific Poker. They're just for fun and I find I get to learn alot about poker through this kind of tournament - without losing money. Considering my young age, I can't deposit any money in to my bankroll, but I enjoy playing these freerolls just for fun and hopefully win maybe a buck or two and try to build on from there....Here's the hand that did me in:800 people entered, 21 people left (top 20 get paid)I'm low-stack of the tourney, sitting with 12 000 in chips. BB was 2000.My turn to get the blind - I get 9h 4h (was dissapointed as I though
  3. Hi,I was just wondering what are the top online poker sites... I've been playing at Pacific Poker lately, and no one seems to mention it anywhere.PStars, Pacific, Party??
  4. Sorry,QUOTE 1997, Rounders - my bad i just think it was appropriate for this timing, and if it was a joke sorry im just plain ridiculous!
  5. There must be some skill involved... how do the same 10 people make it to the final table every year in the WSOP? How do so called "pro" players make millions a year? Are they just the luckiest men in the world?
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