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  1. This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Thank you so much. Are there any other sites that allow this? I've accounted for this factor, and the statistics will reflect this fact.
  2. 1) I actually will accept limit hold 'em hands. I meant to say hold 'em, not NL only. My mistake.2) I don't want play money hands because (some) conspiracy theorists are convinced that real money software could be somehow "tainted". I figured it would be best to only base my statistics on real money hands.Important Note:For those that replied that they wouldn't send hand histories because it would expose how they play: I am not asking for hand histories from hands you have played necessarily. If you data mine and have a bunch of hold 'em hands that you didn't play in, I will gladly accept
  3. Hey all...I'm bumping this post up because I'm still working on this project, and I'm still in need of as many hand histories as I can get. For anyone who might consider helping me, or who is skeptical, here are some bullet points that might clear up some questions: I need hand histories in text file format. I'm looking for NLHE hand histories exclusively. Real money games only. Tournaments and cash games are both useful to me. One other thing: are there any sites that will generate hand history files (text format) to you local hard drive if you install the software and open it up, but do n
  4. I'm in Las Vegas right now on a business trip and would like to play some poker while I'm here. I've played onlilne for a long time, as well as frequently played 1/2NL at Turning Stone. I'm looking for information on the softest 1/2NL games here in Vegas, as well as any other general tips you guys might have for someone in Vegas for the first time.Thanks...
  5. Wow, nice call:http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/05/17/mega.mill...=rss_topstorieslol
  6. Ok, here's something I never understood about lotteries. More accurately, something I never understood about the people who play lotteries:Why do so many people go out and buy tickets when the jackpot gets up to 100 or 200 million (or some other large amount that is rare to reach)? I am specifically talking about people who don't normally play the lottery, but play in these cases.My question is this: Is 30 million, or even 10 or 5 million not enough money to change the lives of these people? Is it not "worth their time" to go out and buy tickets if the jackpot is only 15 million? They wai
  7. Just to clarify: I'm not opposed to spending money on PokerTracker if necessary. However, I don't think that solves my problem because:1) I need hand histories from as many sites as possible.2) I need the data in text file format.Thanks,Kennedy
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Datamining FTP won't work because I do not have PokerTracker. Also, having the data in a sql database isn't desirable because I am writing custom software that will parse the (text) hand history files and analyze them.As far as incompleteness. That isn't a concern. I am not looking for trends or hand results or anything of that nature. All I am doing is analyzing every card that gets exposed (i.e., board cards and any cards that get shown down). Cards that are not shown will not impact the results of this analysis.Thanks again..
  9. Wow, no one is interested in helping? If anyone has any specific concerns about doing this, I'd be happy to address them here. I don't know if I've gotten zero response because people don't want to give out their hand histories, or if it's because no one knows me and isn't interested in helping a total stranger.
  10. Really? Nope, that wasn't me. I'll have to go over there and see if I can find that thread. If anyone is still willing to help out, that would be great.Thanks
  11. One thing I should clarify that I didn't put in the original post: I am looking for No-Limit Hold 'Em hand histories only. It doesn't matter if it's tournament or cash game though.Thanks.
  12. Hello all. I'm doing some research for school (Masters program at the Rochester Institute of Technology) and I'm hoping that some of you will be willing to help me. I'm working on a study pertaining to online poker software with particular attention being paid to the reliability of the (pseudo) random number generator algorithms being used. Essentially, I'm doing an empirical study of the random distribution of cards over a large data set. This is where you guys come in. In order to get any meaningful data, I will need a large sample size. I'm talking about hundreds of thousands of hands
  13. Sounds like e-check is the way to go. I'm assuming that this is a secure transaction. I'm a little leary of giving out my bank account information on the internet, but I want to play, so I'll probably just do it. Thanks everyone.
  14. Tried both my Mastercard and my Visa. Both were denied.
  15. I actually don't have a debit card. I have credit cards, and a checking account.
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