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  1. yet again.. the same people are back to the same discussions.this whole thing about john comes about a few good moves he made against fellow bluffers.. who, not to mention thanfully for him didnt have a pair or two to back it up with.. because he got very luck in that his wild all-in's after huge re-raises didnt cost him the tournament earlier on.when you get to that point in the tournament he was at, and you have AK vs. JJ.. yea the other guy has the made hand. but you have two overcards, 6 outs, the other guy has two outs, and you also have the better flush draw.. and if he wins that hand..
  2. this was the worst poker i have ever seen at a WPT event.. a total joke.. it looked like a play money room!Gus, Men and that guy that got screwed by the runner-runner 7's should have been in there.oh well, tommy nguyen is just gonna blow that money he won on playing like total crap.. everybody find out his username!
  3. i guess i should go to work, pay my bills, bang my wife, and be stressed about shit like desparate housewives and days of our lives.. hmm..how about, instead, i just follow something that interests me and not listen to douche bags like you.. who in the first place found daniel's poker forum and spent their "valuable time" commenting on what we are speaking of.. in other words.. kill yourself 8)
  4. How about you get to Josh's level then you tell him what to do?nicely said haha.p.s. all this TV and media hype that you guys see is total B.S. Granted, a lot of the best players in the world are on there, but you cant even begin to realize how many amazing players there are out there that arent on TV.. who keep quiet and actually make a living out of this by doing just what theyre good at.. playing the game. its the people you see on medium level games that are just as talented as the people you see on TV playing that you dont realize because theyre true Pro's.. not icons.
  5. i havent heard really too much about him in a while.. just besides being really active with the Full Tilt promotions.. i am sure we will hear from him in the upcoming WSOP.
  6. From my observations of both of your styles, starting out at dead even, i believe you could take him heads up daniel. Not because i am on your board telling you this, but your style is a lot more agressive than his, and there is no worse of an opponent you want to face in limit hold'em than someone who is aggressive.the whole "im too busy" thing is obnoxious because if anybody here reads your blog, im sure they'd realize how insanely busy you are.. every big pro is busy these days, busy is good!this heads up match is obviously not an income thing for you, its the challenge.. both you and Howar
  7. UB is great for offering lots of betting structures. They have all the low limits like usual, and they also have the higher end games that i will visit on occasion to see how i am playing at that level (since most of the money i make is from smaller limits where all the morons are.)like everbody has said here.. the "bet the pot" option is completely rediculous.. if you're a good player you shouldnt have to have a button.. you should know when the tables texture supports that move.
  8. online tells are a LOT easier than reading tells in person.. just simply because there is less information that you need to cramp your brain with. depending on what type of game you are playing. Pokerstars is great for people working on online tells. You have a nice notes section you can store information on players that you could possibly see something in.ways i find easy to collect information on your opponents on online poker:1. if they check the boxes so that they dont have to watch the table.. that is a true sign of someone who is clearly not paying close enough attention to the table. If
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