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  1. Sucked out on in 3 straight sng's? Tough life.
  2. You say that "that's not poker" comment about things that are very much poker. When a person plays one poker game exclusively, that's still poker. When a fish jams for 10k after you make it 150 with cheese in the early rounds of a tourney, that's still poker. Tennis on the other hand, now that's not poker.
  3. Here's an email I just sent to him (feel free to copy it and resend it from your own address):Hi Mark,You wrote some things I don't agree with. And it's not just me, a guy named Daniel Negreanu disagrees too. We want to play poker online. You don't want us to. Boo hoo you! Stop writing things!
  4. If you've got a 53% ROI so far and are getting burned out by the bad beats, just wait til you start running average. God help you if you run bad.
  5. The mnemonic that I and many others have used to great success is:Aunt Hanna is loose, but facial? Not! Delay!It stands for Actor - Does the player seem like an actor, or are their actions normal.Hand movements - How do their hands look when they're betting.Interest - Do they show interest in the pot when they have a hand, or do they look away?Loose - Are they tight or loose?Bluff - Are they bluffers?Facial - What sort of facial expressions do they have when they bluff? When they have a real hand?Nut - Are they nut peddlers?Delay - Is there a difference in their timing that is correlated t
  6. C'mon.And the guy on trial should be thrown in jail, even for for saying something as moronic as:"If I sat down to play with you (Det Insp Darren Warner) nothing would detract from who is the best player other than skill."
  7. The probability of what you suggested earlier is near 0. I need to know what the magical evening-out force is.
  8. You will? What is the magical force that brings this about?
  9. Since, clearly, getting dealt AA when somebody else has KK has nothing to do with chance.
  10. If by "in the long run, chance just doesn't matter." you mean that two people of identical skill levels, over the course of a lifetime, could end up with millions of dollars difference in profit due to chance alone, I agree. But somehow I think you meant something different.
  11. Agreed. Just like at times it's "cold" out and we blame the "weather". But most of the time it's just us, not feeling warm enough.
  12. Daniel should ask William about the fact that since he (William) is a math guy, he must be kind of predictable. I'm sure William could give a compelling argument why Daniel is, in this respect, a moron.
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