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  1. Since PartyPoker is toast I figured I might as well use my remaining party points to buy something. It turns out that I'm 1700 points away from getting the 30 gig video ipod. Kind of frusturating that I'm so close, anyone know of a way to earn partypoints without playing real money games?
  2. Did my first partypoker cashout (wire transfer) on Monday at 2:00 AM PST and got the money today 11:00 AM PST. Did two IGM transfers Monday afternoon/night and I'm still waiting for this.
  3. The bill says the Federal Board of Regulators or something needs to make the details of the law and such...so we'll know before anything really happens. Even when/if Bush signs it into law...we're still ok for a bit.
  4. I believe the language of the bill forbids any transaction with "internet gaming sites". So, I think they wouldn't be allowed to accept money either, right?
  5. Do you get a braclet for winning this event?
  6. Pretty coo that you played with him, even though him and his whole Murder Inc crew is a joke.
  7. Any of you defending this guy, asking "why should you tip them?" must never have never played in a live tourney before in your lives.
  8. I'm pretty sure that every all-in (besides his KK vs K-10) Danny was in...he was behind. Most of the time, by a lot.
  9. and he wins, what a tool
  10. Is anyone else sitting watching the WPT tonight and completely taken back by how stupid Danny Ngyuen is? I've never seen so many stupid plays/calls in my life. Calling all-ins with gutshot straight draws? Thank god fish like this get enough runs of good luck that they continue to play poker and piss their money away.
  11. What online site do you guys think has the best multi-table structure? I only play on PartyPoker right now, never tried any other site, and I don't like the structure that much.So, sign in guys...what do you like the best?
  12. ***** Hand History for Game 1954215809 *****$100 NL Hold'em - Tuesday, April 26, 01:38:14 EDT 2005Table Table 37077 (Real Money)Seat 4 is the buttonTotal number of players : 10 Seat 2: jcn47 ( $194.35 )Seat 3: cuyahogaman ( $0 )Seat 4: Dumbluck24 ( $120.9 )Seat 5: idiotray ( $351.95 )Seat 6: ninjacrayon ( $109.85 )Seat 7: JBknows1013 ( $151.55 )Seat 8: IZZYMANDLBOM ( $100.75 )Seat 10: choder130 ( $140.21 )Seat 1: cheet ( $148.29 )Seat 9: albari ( $101.38 )ninjacrayon posts small blind [$0.5].JBknows1013 posts big blind [$1].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to cheet [ Kd Qd ]cuyahogaman has left
  13. I'm at a $100 buy-in table with $2/$3 blinds 2nd to the button and I limp in with 3 3 , total of 6 people in the hand. The flop comes: 6 J 6 Everyone checks around, the turn comes: 3 1st position bets $10, 2nd calls, 3rd calls, I'm in 4th and raise it to $30, 5th position thinks about it and folds. 1st position folds and then 2nd position raises it to $70. 3rd position goes all in with $85. This is where I may have gone wrong. I moved all in for $230. 2nd position folded and showed 8 6 . 3rd position mucked his hand when I showed mine and I took down the pot.At the time I thought, I
  14. Well as many of you know the L.A. Poker Classic is currently going on at Commerce Casino. I live in Orange Coutny so I've been there playing/watching for the past couple days.What a treat! I could go right up to the tournament tables and watch everyone play, hardly anyone there watching. I even got to see Shawna Hiiatt, and whoever said she isn't as good looking as she is on T.V. is a liar. (But my dad got a good camera phone picture of her eating a chilli dog lol)The upper-limit poker room is wide open for anyone to just walk around. My dad and I walked right up to the tables where Phil Ivey,
  15. There's a vitamin kinda like this over at www.mind-fx.com
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