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  1. H. Upmann magnum 46 grand corona obv
  2. EDOG.....this guy is an amazing player and didnt get involved in any big pots and added like 1.4 mil to his stack today...but the grinder is a beast and woulda won that tourney last time had he not got unlucky...scotty was pushing with a lot of mediocre hands and when they got heads up he cought aj vs scotties aq...the guy just got unlucky...and the donator owns online so i know hes a player...dags flat out owns but i honestly think edog is better and so is the grinder...1. EDOGG 2. GRINDER 3. DAGS.....A.F. aint no chump either and with 20-1 on ur 20 thats a great no risk, big hit bet to take.
  3. i think toogood just might be the strange gay black dude that was harassing Dn...
  4. and he didnt play in the big one, he had a conflicting schedule...at least get ur facts right....
  5. i just have to say that this is the most interesting thing i have read on here in a while...gl daniel, gl allen for having the balls to put your money where your mouth is...hey daniel u wanna stake me for some events in the wsop...that would be very nice and im sure it would make your mother very proud
  6. the reason he put his money in with top two was because of eho his opponent was...the guy "bobby" is notorious for putting in all his money with draws and dn knew that and took advantage of it...cards just didnt fall his way...ohterwise its a great call from dn
  7. its not the ppt its the wsop circuit in tahoe $10,000 main event...and im sure that he did it to try to put players on tilt and make people angry at him
  8. u pansies who give a flying fock about this are pathetic, go out and get a gawd damm girlfriend or something, shiat get a hooker, but please most of all get a life...talking about someones love life like so is just sad and pathetic
  9. right....the land down under, i forgot about that hot spot
  10. is the action gonna be moving to wynn or what?
  11. i agree with phillips that the final table seemed shady as hell...this stuff will kill poker
  12. are you going to be playing only at wynn when ur in vegas, if so where is the action gonna come from if everyone is playing at bellagio?
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