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  1. Syous,Remember that you generally want to raise when you have the best hand in LHE. You should have raised every bet in this hand.
  2. OK guys, I've been playing strictly NLHE the last few weeks so I am rusty on the percentages here (like I ever knew them). Why does nobody want to raise this turn? It doesn't accomplish anything? It certainly accomplishes something in getting value if you think you're good here. Plus there are 2 flush draws and a somewhat straight-threatened board. One of the donks could have a 3, 77, 88, or the solid mp2 could have AA. How often are we realistically not good here?
  3. I don't think there's one right answer here. You could do it either way. I personally like to bet this because a lot of low-limit players will chase with 3rd NFD or whatever and put you on AK. But you could certainly make an argument for letting others catch up.
  4. Bet a little bit more, approx. 1/2-2/3 of the pot, on the turn to signal strength. You don't want him thinking you're bluffing. The purpose of the turn bet, which is a must, is to find out if you're beat or not right then and there. If he calls, you know you're in trouble and must c/f river.
  5. Of course this is solid. What's the specific question at hand?
  6. I say go with your gut here. This could be AA, and it could be AK. It depends on the skill level and style of your opponent. If you think he'd re-raise with AA-KK, and most 1/2 NLers would here, go with your gut and push.
  7. I think you have to bet this turn to find out where you're at.
  8. C/c down. You can't predict that 9 on the turn.
  9. What's the big deal here? Easy 3-bet vs hyper-aggressive.
  10. Call. If he's been playing a lot of hands and pushing them hard, there's no telling what he could have. You're only behind 2 hands. Plus, you've already invested 40% of your stack. Easy call.
  11. That gay river bet could mean that he flopped the straight and he wants you to raise at the sign of his weakness. Or he could have 77 and be hoping that you'll make a scared call and he'll see a cheap showdown. Even a huge donk wouldn't check that turn with a set, but he could, could, do it with 77 or JJ. I like your river call because he may be some idiot trying to make you think he's weak after flopping a straight or filling up on the river with that undersized bet.
  12. With 2:1, you want to call as long as he doesn't have an overpair or have your J or T dominated. So if you call you're hoping to be a 3:2 dog, 6:5 dog, or in a race. But there's too good of a chance you're in a really bad spot when there's a push with 5 others in the pot. Fold.
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