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  1. Oh, and i need to re-introduce myself, I havent posted on this site since Party Poker was legal for americans haha.but I look for ward to becoming more active in the forum starting now youll be seeing a lot more of me!
  2. May results- +$2000 mttsJune results-make $4,000+ between June 2nd and July 1st
  3. FirstPlace - (Cake/$33/NLHE/353/1st/$1456)
  4. in the position you described i would most likely raise too 8xBB instead of pushing. this way you are representing a lot of strength without putting your tournament life on the line when you might run into the bad luck like you did. if you get reraised, then you have a decision to make which should depend mostly on your reads. but if someone reraises a bet like that, its USUALLY an auto-fold.as for the percentage thing. if I have an M* of 9 or less i like to push to steal blinds. but if its bigger i usually just make a standard to large raise.M- is the number of total blinds+total antes in you
  5. although i havent had the opportunity to play in one of these, since i dont have an extra 10 hours in my day(assuming i make the final table), i believe i might be abel to help a little.with more starting chips and a slower blind structure the better players will excel, as more skill is involved and less luck is. with this structure you have plenty of time to sit back and wait for big pairs and suited broadway cards, and of course playing slightly looser if you are in late position. if you double up beore the first break you are in GREAT shape. and although a bigger stack gives you room for a
  6. playing by stereo type is going to lose you a lot of money.have fun with that.
  7. damn i feel dumb.i posted this on 2+2 as well, and forgot to post my hand in this thread because on 2+2 i posted it in the title.my badi had pocket 4's
  8. its bound to happen at least once every 2 months.
  9. i see it like this.if you have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and you are not a greatly experienced player. it is in your best interest to play cash games where the wins are more constant and dependable.if you have some extra cash to throw around(no matter the amount) and you like your poker games to be more exciting, tournaments are for you.if your looking for something in between, maybe you can play alittle bit of both, or single table tournaments.i like to play what keeps me most focused and is more fun for me overall, this happens to be tournaments.im done.
  10. Pstars $5+.25 SNG 9 players-stacks-(3 players omited)Button:1890SB(me):2940BB:2250Blinds are 50/100its folded around the table to the button who raises 3x BB, my initial thought is that he is on a steal, and i make the mistake of flat calling. The BB reraises to 800, and the btuton folds. now i think that the BB is making a move to chase out the button from stealing this is very possible since the BB has been the most active at the table(but somehow failed to build a bigger stack), so i Push for 2140 more on top of his reraise, putting him all-in. he calls and shows AKx. he hits an ace on the
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