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  1. OK--first of all, donkslayer--while i appreciate your interest in the subject area, you've completely missed the issues and what the justices focused on in their legal analysis. And i mean completely. Now i fault the poorly written article that was obviously written by someone with little or no legal knowledge--so please don't take what i'm saying the wrong way. This is often the problem with reporting on legal issues--they miss the key issues 9 times out of 10.In furman v. georgia, justice brennan outlined the test for cruel and unusual punishment---The "essential predicate" is "that a pun
  2. I wish more Christians who think like Jordan would voice their beliefs. Sometimes it is the crazies who drown out the rational folks. It is nice to know there ARE Christians out there who concentrate on the good attributes of religion rather than shine a bright light on the bad.
  3. And people in Massachusetts thought allowing gay marriage didn't **** everything up.
  4. Give it to your lawyer. It remains confidential--most likely no one can get at it legally--and if you die, it'll be dealt with your estate.
  5. Huh? How exactly has religion explained anything that has occurred? How has religion's theory been tested and found to be true?The spiritual world is itself unobservable and unable to be tested.
  6. It doesn't give you a program, per se--rather it teaches you a bunch of things that help you lose weight. It isn't some fad diet--it is just the science behind fat loss and muscle gain.It teaches you:-how different types of food affects your body in different ways (protein, carbs, fat)-difference between good/bad carbs, etc.-difference between good/bad fat-how different diets work, don't work-explain what causes a weight loss plateau and how to fix it-calculate your bmi-figure out what type of metabolism you have (everyone is different)-discusses types of exercising--and its affect on your bo
  7. *******. I usually shy away from posting about poker--though i do like to read about it. If i posted about poker--all i'd get is "TP/MM" or some other smartass remark--this way it is I who can be the smartass.Answer is simple---I don't know, which means God did it.
  8. Actually, sort of--it has to do with ketosis--when the liver is depleted of glucose/glycogen and your LIVER goes into starvation mode where it metabolizes certain amino acids, lactic acid, etc. to make glucose. In other words, it burns fat. But it only changes the ORDER in which your body burns energy--you still need to eat less than you're burning. Starving your liver of glycogen is different than starving your entire body. Both are unhealthy.Also--on a no-carb diet--you actually eat LESS calories (usually) especially if you're eating a lot of protein---see, when you eat regular protein
  9. Of course there are parts of Physics and other scientific theories that have unknowns--we have yet to master every unknown in the universe. But the fact remains--we can make hypothesis based upon these scientific theories, test it and obtain an answer that supports the hypothesis. The same cannot be said for religion.Religion cannot be proved. I have much more faith that if i step off a 30 story building, i'm going to fall to the ground than faith that heaven waiting for me upon my reaching the ground.So if it makes you feel better---lets look at faith, not as a binary function, but as a co
  10. Read this online book--"burn the fat, feed the muscle"It is a great book that educates you on your body chemistry, how it burns food, fat, muscle, etc. It is best to eat several small meals (4-500 calories, 4-5 times a day). But no matter what, you should NOT skip meals--it throws your body into "survival mode"--i.e. it slows your metabolism. In addition, greater than a 500-1000 calorie difficiency per day (losing more than 2 lbs per week) will cause excessive weight loss stemming from MUSCLE depletion. On a GOOD diet, you'll lose 75% fat, 25% muscle--that can get flipped if you starve you
  11. I don't doubt that some of what is shown in that movie is legit--but it is more like a random assortment of unexplained phenomenon and a touch of science that is "explained" by this new aged philosophy BS. But don't be fooled into thinking that because some of it is true--that the rest is. That is how these whack-jobs bring people into this madness.
  12. I have a feeling that i'm not the only one here that does this every time you start another thread-------> Come on--it took you a WEEK to realize someone replied to your post. Besides, i'm just having a little fun with you--it isn't like i'm actually annoyed with the grammar/multiple posts.Man--this place is getting more and more uptight---a little sarcasm and joking around is met with anger and when someone makes an honest newbie question, everyone jumps all over them. What gives?
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