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  1. Where ya been Ron?Oh yea, congrats Sirch!
  2. That was actually mildly amusing.Nah...
  3. I'm out.Worked it back up to $5K and got JJ. Guy bets 2250 another guy calls and I push. They both call. First guy has AK, second has 10s. Spikes a 10 on the turn. Bye Bye!!!
  4. 3500 chipsI was happy with how I was playinh until I donked off almost 1500 chips on the last hand before the break.
  5. Sounds like you are getting my cards...
  6. And how is he out nothing? Enlighten me. The rest of your response doesn't address this. I guess you are trying to do so with number 4, but the player's acting out of turn does not allow someone who has already acted to change his mind.I also never said anything about a jury, so I'm not sure where you are going with all of the rest. I just said he was owed and explained why. I'd love to hear why you think the all-in bet can be recalled.
  7. I'm a moron - can't even remember the starting chip count! LOL
  8. LMAO!!!!!You just made me spit coffee all over the place. You hit me just right!
  9. You're welcome and I apoligize for not reading the entire thread to ensure that no one else had replied to you, or had the same point of view that I did before responding.I am curious though. If someone owes you $1000 how does the value of the money change based on how it was earned? Are you saying that if you earn the money in a fun way (such as poker) that money has less value than if you earn it in a non-fun way (such as manual labor)? Call me crazy, but money I make playing poker has the same value to me as money I earn in my real job. Poker is a VERY fun hobby, true, but the money earned
  10. Wow, I couldn't disagree more. He is out the money and he did have it, even if he never took physical possesion of it (assuming here that the hand was played out and held up). He risked his money, called the bet, and the other guy welshed on it. The money is owed for "work done."By your logic if you work for a month at a job and the company that you work for then chooses not to send you your check you aren't "out the money" as you "never had it." Sounds silly now, doesn't it?
  11. Actually, it depends on the site. I got it for FT and already had an account.
  12. Hey Double,You sure got padamooch going!LOL
  13. Not sure why I even looked at this thread.... Oh yea.+1
  14. I recently signed up for rakebreak.com and just received my first “check.” To my surprise, it was much lower than what I’d been expecting and the rake that suddenly showed was much lower as well. I e-mailed them for an explanation and not only received one in less a day, but received an instant credit as well. Nice to know that some folks out there are doing it right!Hi there,Thank you for your email.You should have received 27% of your October MGR, as shown on our site.Full Tilt gave us final October stats last night, which may have affectedthe MGR. Sincere apologies for the confusion. In the
  15. You're welcome and great job. Set over set doesn't happen then who knows?
  16. Tom has 20K and one place to go for the money!
  17. I've been watching off an on - trying to learn someting! You do seem to be playing well. Take it down!
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