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  1. I was in a tourny and was one of the final two. I was the chip leader (not by much) and we decided to split the pot. Was it a good decision on my choice? What would you have done. If we played and I lost I'd only get $50 but if I won $500. So we split and each go $275. Good decision or not?
  2. All I have to say is that Chris Moneymaker is the worst card player there is out there. He is the luckiest one (who hasn't down squat since 2003) but man he is terrible!
  3. Hey Daniel .. I'm a school teacher in Toronto (go leafs go) and have been teaching for 5 years and thought of going pro (not full time). I want to keep my job but the great thing is I have the summer off and thought of heading down to Vegas with my money and trying to turn pro. If I get busted then itleast I come back to a job again waiting for me. What do you think? And what type of games should I play down there to get started?Worm
  4. If you had AK (suited or unsuited) and you raised before the flop .. but missed the flop completely .. do you still bet if someone makes a substantial bet after the flop? Often I call AK the (Anna Kournikova) because it looks good but rarely wins!
  5. In one of your articles "Play hours not results" you said you played in 10-20 games in Toronto from 12 to 8. I just want to ask where you played those games? Were they in Casino's (Niagara/Brantford) or were they in clubs??? Thanks
  6. Can someone tell me how the heck I can sign up for one of the 10 chances to win Protege???? Please help me!
  7. Can anyone tell me just exactly how you sign up for Protege??
  8. I'm new to the city. Does anyone know where I could find a game in Toronto?Worm
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