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  1. Flying from Buffalo is usually a lot better and cheaper on Southwest than any other option.If you have to fly from Buffalo, just shop the airlines. Usually United or USAir are fairly reasonable. Air Canada flies direct as well, them and WestJet seem to be around the same prices.If you check the Fatwallet forums (www.fatwallet.com) there is a travel forum with tons of discounted rates at Vegas hotels.MGM Grand usually has some very good discount codes. I've stayed there using a code. Room rates are very dependent on time of year and availability. Strip properties are obviously more expensi
  2. The tournament is now in the FCP lobby, but still not able to register (no ticket). I'm sure they'll distribute tickets within the next little bit.briguy1969
  3. No Canadians allowed on Bodog, though. Bummer.
  4. I hate the Flyers (I'll declare my bias right out of the gate).Always hated Bob Clark.But I do think they've made some beautiful moves, and I admire the buying out of popular veterans who have little left in the Tank.However, the Goaltending situation has to be addresed (Esche doesn't seemed poised to be a cup winning goaltender) and the D, although Rathje was a good addition, is still suspect 1-6.Very difficult to tell how teams will react to the rule changes though, I'll be looking forward to see how many scoring chances will result due to the red line removal and the obstruction crackdown (
  5. Well, they actually didn't 'Put' their games on OLN. ESPN had the option of matching the Comcast offer (Comcast owns OLN). ESPN kept insisting that they get the same deal that NBC got (it's the Arena Football deal where NBC pays no rights fees, but works together with the NHL to sell Ads and the two parties split revenue). The NHL was fine with doing that for a Broadcast Network, but needed some guaranteed revenue from a Cable package. As far as the ESPN deal goes, in the US TV market, Hockey is very much a regional game. If you're living outside of Philadelphia or New York, you are very
  6. If I'm not mistaken, didn't the Minnesota North Stars change their name to the Minnesota Stars in their last year before moving? I definitely remember the Jersey Change was in Minnesota, then they used the same jersey when they moved to Dallas.Failing that, the best I can do is the Toronto St. Pats / Toronto Maple Leafs or the Montreal Maroons / Montreal Canadiens (all 4 of which won Cups).Nothing like in the NBA, with the Washington Bullets / Wizards...Or some teams that definitely need name changes (there's no Jazz in Utah, and very few Lakes in Los Angeles)briguy
  7. I've done the Absolute promo, and it's very easy to clear at .50/1Usually a 35% deposit bonus too, which is pretty good.Kinda odd having only 9 people at the tables, so if you're table is particularly tight you might have trouble getting hands raked. However, their lobby provides percentages of players putting money in preflop so you can pick your table accordingly. The software is quite a bit slower than Party Poker (also an easy PSO site to clear) but you get used to it.
  8. I think he's more emulating a 'Calling Station' than a Fish. Fish will make extremely weak calls with a hand that is obviously beaten on a regular basis.
  9. The reason I like it is a bit different. I think it'll create new fishies on the websites! Nothing greater than newbies playing J7o in a 10 handed game and expecting to win with a pair of 7s like the pros did on tv...valen
  10. Yeah, I have Rogers too. TSN is starting up their own tournament in Canada which they will be televising later this year. (www.degreepoker.com) Up until now they have shown the WSOP, The PP Eur0pean Open, and the PP World Open I think. Sportsnet bought the Fox Sports Poker at the Plaza (where DN bluffs Freddy Deeb pretty badly for a bunch of chips) and a tournament from a Cruise ship. The Score has the European Open, but I don't know if they've signed on to any more once those episodes are complete. City has been stuck in a rut of celebrity poker, which is finally ending this week. Afte
  11. I emailed CityTV about the WPT. They've had Celebrity Poker Showdown, which is absolutely brutal, now they're going through the WPTs Hollywood home game specials, then starting in May again they'll be re-airing season 2 of the World Poker Tour. They'll be starting Season 3 (the episodes that are currently running on the travel channel in the US) in September. So we have a bit of a wait ahead of us. At least there will be less celebrity poker on soon.BTW, the canadian travel channel and the US travel channel are different networks. CTV owns the travel channel canada, and buys some programm
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