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  1. You all set a sparkling example for newbies, post and post until we become so jaded that our only humor comes from putting people down on the forum. Great work gents. Now settle down, go see if you can reattain some levity from toothpaste for dinner or jerking off, or poo poo mcmuffins or whatever does it for you.
  2. i hope you get shot in the left elbow and right knee cap It seems you want to turn this thread, meant to bring lightheartedness and humor to the FCP, into a flame war. Your douchebaggery is astounding, despite the number of posts you have. Of course most of them seem to only have about 5 words, and 0 content.
  3. ah, quit being such a nut peddler, mainstream humor isn't for everyone, you gotta lighten up.
  4. dang, ya got me. though i would like to point out that english majors have the right to make up words, it's medicinally proven.
  5. yes, it will be wasting long amounts of your time checkin out this siteGenerally all poker players should agreethis site is super funny, a great way to stay off tilt | | | / :!:
  6. Nearly guarantee you'll waste a good portion of your life checking these out, but they are hilarious.www.toothpastefordinner.com
  7. anybody know of one of these for a site other than Party? I've already done it there.
  8. i think it would be +EV to have the latest topics a little higher on the homepage. the biggest difference for me is scrolling down the one extra click on the right bar. Yes I am the laziest person ever, but doing the extra click everytime we check the homepage is a lot of clicks over time. The advertising isn't a big deal, after a few visits, who notices really.
  9. i wish! just when i go home from college me my 2 bros and my best buds (both kinds) rock it like crazyAnother out of control game to play while blazed, NBA Ballers on Xbox, in 1 on 1 on 1 modeif properly blunted, you will wake up and not know how to play
  10. who wants to get high and play fusion frenzy on xbox? the best laughfest, abworkout adventure around!
  11. Today's the day! First bracelet of 2005 this event, maybe DN can wear it to the Wynn for Barry to check out. Keep the Aces Comin!
  12. i love... movies baby! Bottlerocket, The Life Aquatic, Lock Stock n 2 Smoking Barrels, SnatchAND the rainbow brite theme song, it's kinda catchy
  13. the straight guy line is funny, no? shiz i laughed a little
  14. Going back to the Ben Wallace as a superstar issue, no way Big Ben is a superstar. He can't carry a team by himself. Superstars draw double teams, and contribute in more than just rebounds and blocks. David Robinson isn't very strong of a choice as a side kick, he was no superstar when the spurs won it. I think the Spurs qualify as a one (super) man band
  15. your work will not go unrewarded. in the next life you will return as the ace of spades in a deck at the main event. Thanks for the math.
  16. Say my buddy is staking 75% of my buy in to a NL cash game. What is the percentage that he gets of winning and what percentage should he take if the stake is lost?
  17. yeah talk about a sweet job, except that you get punked out by phil helmuth, lol.
  18. Does anyone else think the guy doing all the pro interviews on cardplayer.com is really annoying?
  19. "Your mother is a hamster and your father smells like elderberries!... now go away before I insult you a second time!"
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