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  1. Hey DN Best of Luck!!!!!I predict you make the final table with above average chips.My money is on you, don't let me down
  2. Anyone know what is up with Mike the Mouth? Have not seen nor heard of him lately.
  3. Good Luck DN, Take this one down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Daniel this takes the cake! What the F... are you thinking, supporting Al Gore? He is a has been that never did anything positive for the United State of America. His administration was an embarrassment to the American people. And for you to include yourself as one of us is a joke, did you change your citizenship? Please stay out of US politics and stick to poker.
  5. Online poker is rigged!Oh, Gabe is an awesome host. I really do like to watch HSP and Gabe adds to the show.
  6. Got to be one of the worst posts ever!!!!
  7. Any FCPer's planning on going tonight (Thursday 26th) to rail the tournament?I went yesterday and had a good time. Not much room for the rail birds, it was pretty crowded but I did manage to see some pros and enjoyed myself.
  8. I'll watch you at the final table - Good LuckLooks like you are doing well!!
  9. I'll be in vegas on Sat. 7th. Staying at Bally's.
  10. Hey i think that is awesome, write me back and let me know how you make out at the Venetian Tourney. Maybe i'll try it too. What is the buyin?
  11. I'll be staying at Bally's, looking to play low limits 1-2 or 2-4 no limit games and blackjack. Any suggestions on best card rooms to play at or where i should stay away from?Any suggestions on what attractions i should not miss and which may be over rated?Any help would be great.
  12. Yes about twenty-five percent of the money went to the prize pool. I made $250.00., but I gave some of it back (all the money finishers did)
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