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  1. thanks for the attention to this matter.
  2. Got a PM from forum-news with a link in it. I suspect this is not legit, since there is very little in the way of personal info in the person's bio.I have not opened the link, and likely will not, but the members, admins and mods should be aware of this.sorry if this is in the wrong place--please relocate to appropriate place if needed...
  3. Rodney, put down the Haterade. DN has every right to be steamed about a 3rd place finish. Based on your post, you think 3rd in a poker tournament is akin to 3rd in a golf tournament.It isn't.Nice finish DN, but condolences are in order.Some of us "get it."
  4. I'm no Jamie Gold fan, but when Eric "Birdhead" Molina gets sent off for swearing, Gold was actually kinda funny in a rude way.
  5. I get into LV on July 8...I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if the greets are still on. Would love to meet some of you knuckleheads.
  6. how can you guys even read that forum? Unless there is something I am missing (and that is not unlikely), I have to keep clicking the next post to read it, rather than scroll (like we have here). Waste of time, and with thejunk they are writing, its an even bigger waste of time.
  7. Isn't she dating a poker player?I'd hit it...if I were single.
  8. Sorry, but Davin is right. Maybe getting angry was opver the top, but Donker should have run like a chick after the flop. Raymer said after the hand "You tried to give them to me..." referring to Donker's chips, and he (like Davin) are totally correct. No pair, no draw after the flop, calling off those chips was completely ridiculous. If Donker catches any piece of that flop, I could see it, but Raymer had fired preflop, and then fired again post flop, yet Donker wouldn't give him credit for a hand.Donker luckboxed to his finish, and that hand v. Raymer got him the stack to be there. He s
  9. good luck...Raleigh wasn't much for poker when I lived there 5 years ago, but times change.
  10. I just caught up in this thread, and I will address this from the GOLFER perspective--all the while knowing these are GAMBLERS playing GOLF.I played golf in HS and through college (on scholarship), and since leaving school, and playing matches with side bets, the parties involved would set the handicaps (or to simplify it--strokes per side), and we play.After 9 holes, if any adjustments were to be made, they were made. If players wished to "press", they could, but at all times, the players knew where they stood, prop wise.IF one side (in this instance DN and others are weighing in on), is get
  11. how about St. Louis RounderSTLRounder.blogspot
  12. I will say this-they were worth saving up for.
  13. I bought these through chiptalk...they were not cheap, but they are ceramic, and the images are on the chip, not stickers.
  14. isn't that the same lawsuit regarding the pre-tournament waiver they sign? for use of likeness and promotions, etc.?
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