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  1. In the 750k that's just starting.Around average in the MSOP event 52 after 2.5h.Good luck everyone.Lasombra: Lycka till!
  2. I choose 21.30 instead which is 40 min from now. Is it even possible to set up with such short notice? I'm new at this, bah.
  3. Well, it's been a rough day.Anyone out there who wants to engage in some smack talk and play a friendly tournament tonight sometime? Everything concerning the tournament is up for discussion. Time, buy in etc etc
  4. We do have a chance.1994.When did you last get to the semifinals?Whoops.
  5. As if the US will make it to the playoffs.
  6. The call was correct.The ball was directed at McBride, no question about it. You can't allow it just because he jumped over the ball.
  7. Out.Lost two coin flips, one with over cards and one with the underpair.GG me.
  8. Indeed it does.3630 at first break.I've had a bad day throughout and haven't played well the first hour either. But a donk wanted to give me some chips near the end so I accepted the offer, AA vs JJ all in pre flop.
  9. OMG Sweet :(Talk about getting donkstriked.
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