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  1. 25k is way too less for Ivey to play with. Better to let a winning 100/200 limit player handle the 25k. :roll:
  2. I prefer heads up tournaments above rings. The rake and swings are killing.
  3. I never tilt either.I also never lie! :wink:
  4. Fold on the flop, you should consider folding preflop.
  5. If Daniel's BR would be "just a mere" $1.6M than he would have a 200x BB BR. If he would lose his assumed BR than he would still have his real estate (I assume he has bought his own home), his poker related "sponsor" income, probably some other investments, and enough people around who would like to stake him. Don't worry about Daniel's BR, and how high or "low" it would be. I'm sure he'll manage just fine whatever happens.
  6. I've voted for David Williams. If he will ever succeed in getting a negative balance in tournamentplay, I wil change my opinion.
  7. Who the hell has voted on Ivey?He's still underrated in my book. He is one of the few who I consider of possibly being a better player than that guy called David Negreanu or something. (He's in this thread somewhere, but I'm too lazy to search for Davids correct name, I think I could have misspelled his last name)
  8. Annie Duke. She probably isn't the worst player on this list but she seems to get credited as being one of the best female poker players. Jennifer is worthy of a title like that, not Annie. Laak doesn't get the media attention as Annie does, so he can't be on my voting list.
  9. Already posted I aint gonna play at an other forum. Got enough poker accounts already. Wish you guys good luck tough.:canadarocks:
  10. I hope the game will be available for the European market as well. :?
  11. "Exclusive" is a very promising young Dutch guy called "Noah Boeken". 8)
  12. Here's something to think about:Last week, while playing at Poker Room, the following happened,in 3 consecutive pots, pocket A's getting cracked. First, AA vs QQ, flop AQblank, Q on the turn,Second, AA vs AA vs K3off , K on the flop, 3 on the river,Third, AA vs AQ suited, Q on the flop, Q on the turn.The game was NL Texas SNG and the opponents were singled out preflop. Think about the odds to get 4 pocket A's in 3 consecutive pots AND all getting cracked. :shock:
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