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  1. Man i wish dn wasn't so modest. If he wasn't he would tell the kid straight up what a douchclown he was. Who says that crap about dn....
  2. Stop stalking players.. man its just not worth it.
  3. Yeah totally, if he doesn't rec0gnize who smash is, f him. Smash is a god who gets canadian chicks if he wants them. Seriously though, smash is awesome. If any poster would leave this forum, it can't be smash. No one makes the forum more fun and tries to pull different viewpoints out of people. His sometimes extreme views make the forum fun. I <> Smash........
  4. Go for it.www.google.com Douche.I love how smash is so quick to respond to everything on this forum, but when I show him looking like an idiot he's nowhere to be found....He's probably doing what every normal fcp poster is doing on a saturday night... Hmmmmmm.Cue Cat Stevens "Another Saturday Night".
  5. Just take the bet giantfan01.Smash is a quite a nice guy.He knows much of what he's talking about.He's quite good at many things.Smash is the talk of the forumWow, when did everyone start warming up to Smash around here?
  6. Dress up like Bret Favre nite on Fri nites Wouldn't doubt it.
  7. Hmm, I know a lot of the bars in appleton hold poker tournaments, and your close to oneida in green bay. I know some bars do hold games randomly too, thats more downtown though. Entertainment as in what?
  8. Hey have you seen real world austin, I'm proud to say wisconsin produced the blonde with massive hoo has.
  9. rape the cows and ride off on the women.........There's no cows in Slosher, sorry...
  10. I'm not jweb, but I am fully educated in Oshvegas. Flingers, Molly Maguires, and the French Quarter. Learn these bars well. The gyros from Nikos arent have bad either. Oshkosh its a hell of a town!
  11. Come on, I think writers take the cake in infamous drunks.
  12. vaglvr

    good bye fcp

    Shouldn't there be a post minimum before you get a retirement party?
  13. I think you just negated yourself and you actually not not care about hockey. I challenge this statement. I'll be back when I check the instant replay.
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