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  1. That is pretty much what I thought. I think folding preflop was probably the best move. He ended up having 10s. I got lucky and won the hand but I felt like I was playing blind the whole way.
  2. Oops, you caught me. I never once said anything about the read I got in any of my previous posts! Well maybe I did in almost every post but maybe you didn't read that.
  3. I completely agree with you. I had no intention of folding when I initially raised him. It was the way he insta shoved and seemed so freaking confident about his hand, even when I verbalized that I had KK. I can't argue that raising and then folding was a good play, it was just the read I got from him that told me I was beat. I wasn't looking for a tell when I raised, I just happened to get a big one. Do you think he made a mistake? If he flat calls my raise then I probably go broke on this hand.
  4. So are you defending me somewhat that the raise actually did have some merit?
  5. I am afraid to respond to anything at this point. Here was my thinking though and I am sure the bashing will begin as soon as I do too, but here goes. Preflop the guy who hasn't played anything raises 10x the bb. At worst in my opinion he has AK. I was about to raise when I figured, hes made a huge preflop bet, if I shove he is probably going to insta call. I am pretty sure we have all lost w/KK plenty of times and I figured if no ace hits this flop I may be able to take it down. If he happens to have AK, I can simply call, see a flop, and then decide what to do. When he came out firing
  6. I guess that is what my main point was in asking you guys about the hand. To see what you thought based on my observations of the table and my read on the other guy. I certainly wasnt bragging as I didn't even cash. Basically, it was to see what your thoughts were thought of the play. Apparently I was wrong to fold. Got it.
  7. I really didn't think I was bluffing when I raised to $1k. I figured I was ahead and reraised him. When he insta shoved on me with all of that information is when I thought maybe he actually did have the aces. Seemed to me like nothing other than a set of Js or AA, with AA being the more likely of the two. I could have been wrong but I still have half my stack if he flips over QQ. I have seen your stats and I know you're a hell of an online player so I respect your opinion. I am not trying to argue, simply debate a little bit.
  8. Sounds good. Sorry to have wasted your time. Thanks for the input too. You always give such great advice. You ridicule and don't explain why I played it so horribly. Take care.
  9. No, if he shoves pre I'm coming along for the ride. I got lucky by not repopping him there (as I will do about 98% of the time w/KK) because I can't get away from it before the flop.
  10. No my read was, he raised 10x pre after folding almost every hand for 40 minutes, then he snap shoves my reraise on the flop. This looks like aces. You've been on here for a while so I am sure you have played a ton of live poker. Do you ever just get reads off the players themselves? This guy was either the best actor ever or he was COMPLETELY relaxed and didn't show any concern when I told him what I had. I figured I could be wrong but think he has it and I can still recover even if im wrong. It was a tough laydown and I think it could go either way, especially since I smoothed called h
  11. Are you serious? The blinds are still fast???? Have you played in the WSOP? There is almost zero, and I mean zero pressure from the blinds. I was gonna shove pre, but I figured he had a couple of hands and AA seemed the most likely to me. Textbook play says repop big preflop but you have to consider the circumstances as well as my read. The entire table is playing extremely tight and then a guy opens up for 10x the bb? You don't think there is any chance he has aces? C'mon man. The worst hand he had was AK and I figured if I am going to get it all in eventually, lets see a flop and see if
  12. I was curious to see what answers I would get from internet players. When I reraised to 1K, he instantly pushed all in and I could see that he wasn't the least bit concerned that he was behind. He raised 10x the bb pre, and reraised a reraise on the flop, do you really thing that would do that w/AJ? In a low $ tourney w/20 minute blinds I probably call, but in the WSOP format its hard to imagine he would have anything other than AA. Based on the preflop action I didn't think JJ was hardly even a consideration.I verbalized that I had KK before folding and he didn't even flinch. I folded my
  13. 40 minutes into the $1k event. As you can imagine, w/the blinds at 25/25 and a starting stack of 3k, play is very tight. I was picking up pots every few hands simply because I could. I am on the button and I get dealt KK. Guy in middle position leads out with a bet of 225. I am thinking about repopping big and at the last second I decide to simply call. Everyone else folds. Flop comes J42 rainbow. Villain leads out w/a bet of 400 and I repop it another 600 to 1k. Villain reraises all in and doesnt look the least bit concerned. I think it over for about 3 minutes and decide to.......W
  14. No offense, but that is the absolute worst approach to take in that structure. For over a year I played almost nothing but 90 person turbo ko tourneys on FullTilt (it's one of the sweetest money makers online). It took about a week or so to figure out that chasing bounties and trying to double up quickly was what the majority of these players do, and it makes for some awful play. You will not win playing that way as almost everyone takes that tactic and that is precisely what makes them easy. Simply pick your spots and play your small pairs and suited connectors (and see the flops as cheapl
  15. Why would you ever check the turn after betting the flop. If you're trapping you have to do that on the flop. You definitely cannot check the turn at these levels because if he bets, like he did, a check/raise makes it obvious that you have a big hand. However, once you did check, I think I might just call because he may put you on four to the flush. To me a check call would very much look like a draw. Sometimes I get greedy it backfires, but how often are you going to flop that hand. Once you do you want to get paid off big time. It's heads up so you're opponent most likely doesn't hav
  16. I always laugh when I hear somebody say what their favorite hand is, especially because it's usually something ridiculous like 72, 79 or Q8. They win one or two big pots with them and that's it, they will go broke with them 30 times simply because they have decided that is their hand. The biggest pots I have ever won have been w/25os and 78 suited, but I am not playing those cards every time I get them. I absolutely love seeing suited runners and I always WANT to play them, but I think there is only one hand that we all will put all of our chips in the middle with preflop. I am not even s
  17. +1 Personally I pay very little attention to average stack size, or what the big stack has during the course of a tournament unless I am getting to that point where I will have to double up to stick around. The big swings come late and as long as your stack is big enough to actually play poker thoughout the majority of the tournament that is all I would worry about if I was you. As rummsey says though, I think some of that is dependent on your personality too. A friend of mine is always aware of where he stands in tournaments and is a very aggressive player. He likes to be the table capta
  18. +1And absolutely no implied odds here if you hit your flush on the river, which is actually what played out. You got lucky and hit and made an extra $65 on the hand by betting the turn, but simply see above as to why you shouldn't have.
  19. I think it's usually wrong to flip this early in the tournament and with this many chips. I am sure that we have all pushed in situations like this, but I don't think it is always the right play. He repopped you big so you can assume that he is calling you're all in. Do you really want to risk your stack w/Ace high? I know it is a beautiful hand preflop, but it is not a made hand. Also, I think AA and KK is certainly within his range based on the action. Turns out he was a donk and overplayed his AQ, but 8x out of 10 you are behind and 2x or 3x times out of 10 you are dominated. You hap
  20. I definitely would play the .05/.10. The play is not that bad and while the stakes may be so low that you take chances you wouldn't take w/real money on the line, getting the hands in is what really helps. Just try to stay disciplined. I have played almost nothing other than low stakes mtts online for the past couple of years simply because I enjoy tournaments more than cash. I have read several books and articles to try and improve my game, but nothing can replace simply putting the time in at the tables. Even though there is a lot of bad play at lower levels, there is also a lot of good
  21. Sorry, stupid question but I am a newbie. What does FYP mean?
  22. I saw a lot of talk about the preflop play but #2 above is the biggest thing I saw, and it is something you have done in every post you have put on this site. You say you're OOP and two overs on the flop so you decide to check and you're prepared to fold. However, because everyone checks, once the THIRD over hits on the turn you decide to bet $10. You say everyone checked, but so did you so they have info on you. Being OOP if you hit any of that flop you're most definitely leading out w/a continuation bet. Now you come out w/a big bet on the turn that looks like a bluff and w/3 overs on t
  23. I will never understand why guys do what his two opponents did, and I see it all the time. They have a nice hand after the flop and they just decide to ignore the flush on the board. Why shove in these spots. Value bet it, hope that you don't get reraised and pray that the board pairs w/a 4th diamond. Instead they shove and are most likely only getting called if they are behind. I used to make the same mistake on occasion but I figured it out eventually. Why put my stack in the middle when I am only getting called by someone that is ahead when the chips go in. I understand that if a guy
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