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  1. I am on the 2nd level of a live $100 mtt (starting stack of 5.5k and I am up to about 6.5 at this point). UTG I get dealt JJ. The blinds a 50/100 and I raise it to 400. Folds around to a guy in middle position who raises to 2k. Everyone else folds. I have played with this guy once before. From what I remember he is a solid player, but does overbet his strong hands on occasion. He knows that if I am coming out firing UTG that I have a hand. Should I just fold?I ended up calling. The flop was AhQc7s. Not at all what I was hoping for on the flop. Should I lead out w/a bet here to see w
  2. so the optimal play is to smooth call all the way and then jam on the river? don't we want to try and get some information at some point?
  3. I am new here, but I am curious as to why raising the flop, even if it is somewhat of a feeler bet, is so wrong? It seems to me that if he doesn't raise w/that flop than he will have zero information to go on. Why would it be so bad to throw out 1k rather than shoving? If he really lasted another 10 hours it seems like he was ok to try and fight his way back w/half of his stack still in tact rather than going ahead and getting it all in even when it seems like the guy definitely could have AA.
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