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  1. I've played a couple of these knock-out type STTs on pokerstars.So that everyone is clear: for every person you knock out, you get a 1.25$ bonus.What's the most optimal strategy according to you guys?Mine is to get a chip lead over the table very soon, so that when there's a big hand you can bust him and receive the bonus.thoughts? advice?
  2. Changed it and they didn't make a big deal out of it. They only asked me to send them a copy of my identity card.
  3. i need to change it because in order to withdraw money onto my bank account, my information has to be exactly right.So the date of birth on Pokerstars has to be the same as on my mastercard. Ergo, i have to change it.Yeah creating another account isn't a good idea I think, but i'll just change it.I'll let you guys now if they make a big deal out of it.thanks
  4. I wasn't 18 when I first made an account at pokerstars, so I just put in another birth date.Now that I am 18, can I just change my birth date without Pokerstars being suspicious?The only thing they ask is a copy of my identity card, but then they will see I cheated before.Did anyone else have this problem?And how did the likes of Tom Dwan and Phil Galfond did this?
  5. Hi guys, some questions on the PCA 20101. What's the minimal age? Is it 21 or 18?2. What's the format of the Battleship tournaments?3. Who of you guys are gonna go to the PCA and what are ya gonna play?
  6. daniel up to 500k, 11 lefthe's gonna win this i just know it!
  7. This, and that's why we gotta check-raise it right herewe probably have the best hand right now, end it nowalso, if he folds, there's less rake
  8. in my experience it is much easier and much more fun to built up a bankroll with play money.this is quite easy when you play sitngo's when you have a million you can sell it at some site for 5$it used to be 10$ but now they have these sitngo's of 150k and 200k, which is a lot easier to accumulate more play money chipsi first tried the freerolls as well but they took very long and when you dont cash in round 2 all you effort was for nothing anyway then i sold my play money and now my bankroll is up to 250$, which is quite the accomplishment i think by the way, there are mostly NLHE sitngo's
  9. wanted to say 33, but that's already taken so i'll go with 22
  10. for you, i'd say you can best play the $3.40 sitngo's and MTT's the sitngo's probably non-turbo, i think you'd like it more, if you think the 180 man sitngo's are crapshootsfurthermore, really check out the $1 HU sitngo's, i think they're really good for learning HU playand people there really suck!!! lol
  11. i think the villain would raise on the flop with a T.probably just any big pair, starting from 88 or somethingbut hey, i'm wrong a lot i raise
  12. i would call the river bet, but is suck rest is played real good i think, although reraise a little bit more
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