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  1. Yep. I want this donk to at least feel comfortable about calling for his flush. In fact, I want it to be +EV for him! If he makes his flush, you're getting his whole stack anyway, regardless of what happened on the turn.
  2. 1) I'm perfectly happy with raising here! I'd just raise to 0.80 or $1. Though I doubt this 10NL villain is considering implied odds either2) Fair point!
  3. Yeah I was leaning towards a minraise, he might call more though I guess. Worth a try. $1.50? Again, worth a try but you need to give him to correct pot odds to call here. Making a flush in one card is only around 19%. Obviously he might just call anyway, as it's 10NL.
  4. This is a horrible, weak bet from V. He bets less than you did on the flop! Really this looks like a blocker bet so I'm putting him on a spade draw here. Let him get his draw. I'd just flat call here, or possibly minraise for value. He might call a minraise and if he misses on the river at least you got another 4BB out of him. Also, the minraise might induce a shove...it happens.If he flopped a higher boat with 88, then he's playing it very strangely and I'm probably paying him off for it.
  5. Hah! I have had this exact hand happen to me before. Flop the concealed straight with 89s with a flush draw, and Villain (in this case you!) ends up making the higher straight with KQ. Absolute nightmare and very hard to get away from. Got stacked obviously. Sorry just had to mention it as it gave me a chuckle when I read through it.
  6. mb2k


    Hi all,Had the pleasure of spending most of this weekend at the Empire Casino in London watching the WSOP Europe, £1000 NLHE event. Basically the baby brother to the 10k main event - which is in a couple of weeks. Most of the pros who'll play the main event turned out for this event aswell, which was awesome. However the main reason I was there was to watch and support my friend Said, who qualified for this event via satellite a few weeks ago.Within 30 seconds of stepping into the casino at around 2pm, I clocked Antonio Esfandiari at the tables, wearing bright luminous orange as usual. His sta
  7. you went from 187 to 252 in 3.5 hours on just one table??btw good call to wait until 500 to move up stakes - bankroll management is the nuts.
  8. Agreed, ~$200 is more than a safe amount for fullstack at 0.5/0.10. and many people would play even less, as CobaltBlue says above
  9. Thanks TNAlso, a bit cheeky i know - but is there any way you can post that hands index table thats in your OP, in some other form? Like just plain text!? For some reason it doesn't show up on my work pc. Probably blocked by the bizarrely inconsistent web filter here..no worries if not
  10. Realise I hid the most important part of the hand, but figured you guys would check it anyway. @ jmbreslin - I think this is the main problem; when I pick it up on the turn it screws me slightly because I overplay it by betting. Should prbably just take the free river card. @ rrumsey - No this wasn't a HU game, although we were heads up to the flop obviously. Regarding your other questions, I wasn't really giving his hand much thought at all, because I knew I would lose if i didn't hit anyway. @ Pot Odds RAC - Agree, bigger bet on the flop is right, if only to give me the proper odds to c
  11. I've been reading recently (on this forum actually) that you should play 'monster draws' as if they are a big hand, because you are usually the favourite to win by the river. I had one last night, and although I couldn't calculate the odds and outs in the heat of the moment, I'd like your opinion on it:0.05/0.10 5-handed cash game-----------------------------Hero: 10.90Villain: 9.50Hero is on the button with: Qh Jh- V raises to 0.40, Hero calls.FLOP: [Ah Ts 4h] (pot ~$1)- Villain checks. Hero bets 0.75. V calls. (Hero has inside straight and flush draw)TURN: [Ah Ts 4h] [9c] (pot ~$2.50)-
  12. OP is very interesting. I'm playing .05/.10 with a ~40-50 bankroll so i think i qualify for this strat for the moment (?)2 questions though:1) why do shortstacks 'have a mathematical advantage on early streets'?2) does this strat work on 5/6-max tables? If not why not and is there an adjustment I can make?
  13. KingJames, the wheel straight is possible here with 23, when a 5 comes. Doyle's statement always holds true because ace is high and low, that's why it works. If I can put my 2c in about this 're-raise' debate. I knew exactly what he meant so no big deal. But then again, I get vexed when people get you're/your and to/too wrong so meh..
  14. 1st hand - fold unless you want a coin flip2nd hand - looks like everyone called your flop bet because it was too small (less than half the pot if I'm counting right). probably facing a spade draw or two, and a strong 10. Bet big or shove on the turn to get rid of the draws and if you're lucky you get called by the ten. If you're facing a set, you're facing a set, end of story!
  15. Interesting way of thinking about it.You're giving more credit for the 'read' than for the actual cards involved. Its almost as if you're saying Reinkemeier played better poker on that hand so he should get the pot. Only problem with that is that his read can't've been that accurate if he thought his Q high was good enough.
  16. Agreed 100%, that is how it should've gone down, and that is perfectly within the rules.I also agree with this: He is beaten, quite simply bceause he has the worst poker hand. And more importantly, he knows he is beaten because the other guy showed him. That should be it right there. imho.
  17. My immediate thought after they both folded was indeed that I should've made a smaller raise to bring the ace along with me. I think I'm putting MP on AJ and LP on jacks or queens here, although at the time of playing the hand all I was thinking was 'someone has an ace'. I agree that we raise for value, and I was certainly hoping to be called by one guy at least, but I guess I raised too hard.
  18. I really only get to post here from work, so don't have access to my hand history or a converter - hence the lack of detail. Apologies though. Expect a few other people are in this situation?Anyway yeah I think it's one of those situations where I have to raise, but I want at least one of them to call me with the ace. Didn't happen this time...
  19. Yeah, it definately was!I think most people will be up for a raise here. I was tempted to flatcall just to induce another bet, or hoping another ace fell on the turn giving them trips to my boat. Bit early for the results maybe, but here it is anyway: I raised to 6 (slightly more than you suggested) and they both folded. Can only assume MP made a bluff cbet and LP made a donk call and was looking for an excuse to get out. I guess they weren't in the mood to party shame. Perhaps if I'd raised 2.5 or 3 times the bet, I might've got more value? Then again, I would be kicking myself if a
  20. Faced this nice problem last night. I was running a small loss at the time after trying to bluff idiots, but anyway...0.05/0.10 cash game (5 handed)---------------------- I Hold 44 on the button- Middle position raises to 0.35- Late position re-raises to 0.70- I call (for the position) so does MP*FLOP* 4-T-A rainbow- MP bets 1.50- LP callswhat do you do here? fairly certain MP made a hefty cbet to represent AK or similar, but LPs call is probably genuine as he actually does have the AK. All I'm worried about is TT or donk inside stright draw (KQ, QJ, JK). But right now, I'm sure I'm ahead wit
  21. Thx for the advice and welcomes.Since posting, the guy on the other forum who told me to fold both hands has pretty much been shredded on that forum too. Obviously makes me happier about my play on these hands. Absolutely could not fold top set on the first hand, although hindsight makes you think you can, but you really can't.I totally understand I can't fear the nuts all the time and i certainly wouldn't do it on the first hand, but when I got raised on the 2nd hand what could I really beat? 66, AK, or A6(probably suited) beat me, and at least 2 of those 3 hands are viable given the 'low'
  22. Thanks puke, will post in appropriate section from now on . So i assume you don't give much credit to the comment I got from the other forum? I'm inclined to think I could've folded to the checkraise on the first hand given that it was a tight table.. but still damn hard to throw away top set.
  23. I hear you there, but remember I usually play 0.05/0.10 so these are fairly high stakes for me and I was certianly taking the game seriously!Also, you might be interested to read a comment I got on another forum about the first hand (I won't put the name of the poster or forum): Perhaps this just confirms your point about not stating the results of the hands when asking for advice?!
  24. Ok thanks for the comments, I convinced myself that I should've seen these coming but good to know they're just payoff hands. Can I ask why the size of the stakes makes any difference?Also, regarding your reprimand(!), I'll take it on board of course. But saying that, I see that other people post their entire HH here right down to the result, so I figured it was the norm. Noted though.
  25. Hi guys,Just joined up, mainly to join in discusisons and get some advice on hand histories. I am an average player, who can grind out profit on nickel/dime tables but always loses whenever I try to move up stakes. I have a couple of hands I'd like you to look at, and my question is, could you lay these down? I will get a converter soon but for now, I'm just writing them from memory.1st hand--------Game: 0.12/0.25 5-handed cash game at redbet (mainly european site on the bossmedia netwrok)- I hold AA on the button and make a small raise to 0.75 (table was tight and I wanted to keep players in
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