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  1. Lol, yes there are some errors in my post. Spell check would be a good thing before hitting reply.
  2. The problem really isnt with all news channels it really is a problem with us, as citizans of this country that we have our heads too far up our butts to think for ourselves. We have all been fighting for our political party to succeed, arguing that one is right and one is wrong. Who is right when everything has been all handled so obviously wrong? We can argue that our preferred party is the superior one, the correct one and the financially responsible one. Well I sure have had my thoughts and I still do, but who really is to say that my opinion is any better than someone elses, let alone the
  3. Aaaw not fair, not all live players think A10 is the nuts Shoot I dont even like AK, AQ, AJ..unless Im late position. Of course myself, would rather call a raise with a medium size pair or runners on the button than reraise with AK. For some reason I cant hit a hand to save my life with those cards lol. I look back at all the hands over the years and I cant honestly remember winning a big pot with AK or AQ ever really lol. However this could be selective memory. Well actually now that I am typing this, on a small buy in live tourney players will push with A10 offsuit in the first round. Or in
  4. I would fold SB with that but, I think with that river bet that either he had a straight, on the flop, and was slowplaying, the hand and holding Q10, and possibly missed that the last card was a h. Or he could of possibly had a higher flush with that last card completing his draw as well. My opinion, I would fold. Maybe that would be a mistake, but I am kind of thinking he had A rag of hearts..
  5. Wow, your pretty nice, I have way more people than three, that I'd like to spit on..
  6. I know, I know, its definitly more fun to win though lol.. You have good advice and I do appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help This forum is great, I have been on a few others and this one is by far the best.
  7. Yes I did, well actually 60, 10 was my bonus from pstars . Yes, I am waiting to get to 500, im not sure if I will stay with online poker either, or cash out when I get to 1000, and go back to my live game. I had to give half my bankroll to my ex and pay off my car in my divorce. So I am starting from scratch..
  8. Well okay, I stand corrected, I only went up about 60 dollars as 10 of that was my bonus from pstars. I do apologize for any misconception. Not to mention I had an unbelievable run of cards and a huge assortment of donks that rotated at the table. I also did win about 36 bucks on a multiway, and took out a maniac with about 20 or so in his stack so really not that impossible. Yes, you are correct, it is unusual, but really if you play very tight aggressive at these limits you can double up a few times pretty easily. I do keep my flop rate around 15% or so and I bet my hands when I have them. I
  9. Just an update, did buy in today with a full stack, played about 3.5 hours and now my bankroll is at 252.00 so I definitly had a good couple hours. Going to stay at .05/.10 till I get my BR to 500. then move to .10/.25. Im just trying to be super cautious..
  10. Unfortunatly, there has to be losing players or there wouldnt be any winning players. Myself, I do enjoy live games better just because online can be boring as hell. But I must say that I get laid just as much when I play online as when I play live games. So its really not a correct statement. Okay, Okay I couldnt help myself. I just had to throw my two cents in Just so you know, that In my state the most we can play in a casino is spread limit and I have to say I have sat at many limit tables and seen people go bust. No different than NL, If you are sick, you are sick. Whether it is pulltabs
  11. Thanks, you think not to double barrel cause they arent laying down a hand ever? I think that has been my problem is you cant shake these retards off if they have any kind of possiblity or hope that they may have a hand. Or if they have sm pp or anything at all, they wont fold. Which of course can be profitable but sucks if you actually need to bluff lol..Ive just come to the conclusion play TAG or dont bother, lol. Thanks for your help BTW
  12. Thank you, Can't believe I didnt even see the FAQ's, maybe my whole problem is that I just need glasses.. lol
  13. The more I have been playing NL the more I am figuring out which hands work best depending on position. My question is AK AQ suited or unsuited, I can play these hands well in limit, pot limit, and spread limit type games. I am having a tough time with these hands in NL. Are you playing these early position and are you reraising with the hands. If you miss on the flop without a draw, are you checking, throwing a good size continuation bet in or what? Seems like I miss always with these, my thoughts are because the limits i'm playing most players will call a reraise etc with Ace Rag or KQ etc
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