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  1. i've been around for awhile and i have no idea who #2 is
  2. i read through all of the live updates on cardplayer and it wasn't said, where do you think i could find reliable information?
  3. Who busted first between Dutch Boyd and Michael Mizrachi? We're having a pool and one of the sidebets was for whichever team had the first bust. Thanks for any help.
  4. one time, i had KK and lost to runner runner cumulous clouds
  5. ugh, i never got an email and i signed up for this as soon as it was announced, is there anything i can do or am i just shit out of luck? i participated in the first one which shows that i probably did sign up for these ones, but i don't have a copy of the sent email... ugh.
  6. Not really. Thats the problem. He's dropping Rafalsky to make room to pick up Phaneuf, so if I'm lucky I should be able to snag him. Any other thoughts on my team?
  7. Its a non keeper league. It's a yahoo fantasy hockey league but amongst friends with our own point system. Goals = 2, Assist = 1.5, PPP = 0.5, +/- = 0.75, Shots = 0.25, SHP = 1. I'm having a really tough time with this trade. I really really want Heatley but is it too much to give up? Zetterberg has been in a little bit of a slump but he will probably pull out of it. What do you guys think? I'm leaning towards taking the trade right now, but there is no good D free agents for me to pick up. Here are the point totals for the year in our league Heatley = 99.75 Zetterberg = 69.00 Phaneuf = 46.50H
  8. Well, it looks like everything is coming together. Let me know if I can help you guys, or if you're looking for help in a certain area. I am a little antsy about how the draft is to be done... I'm trying to think if there is some way we could do it live instead of on a forum. Perhaps on IRC?
  9. A. The gifts were freeB. Daniel is a reliable and trustable guy, our FREE gifts will come eventually.I can understand if some of you guys are a little peeved about having to wait. It can be frustrating when you feel that you were mislead or that you're entitled to something that you don't have in your possession right now. But Daniel and Travis will have this sorted out, and everyone will be happy in due time!
  10. Better hope Nashville's slide continues, otherwise this could get ugly. I dont think its looking good for tomorrow night...
  11. I think your looking good tonight, but I still think you could have gotten a better defenseman for drury and your 1st and 2nd round pics. Tampa is blowing out Atlanta already, hopefully Fedotenko can cash in on some points in they continue to rape them.Isles looking good too...
  12. DANIEL! I trust your instincts, but is Tom Poti really that valuable enough to give up chris drury and your first and 2nd round pics? How often was Chris cracking your lineup? He's a very decent player on what is sure to be a high flying high scoring Buffalo team this year...I really dont like that trade.
  13. It was awesome. Allison should not have to fight though... Two line brawls (semi line brawls) and the biggest fights were from Lindros and Allison? wtf? WHY DO WE PAY YOU BELAK? And Domi didn't do that much either..
  14. Those are some sick looking rosters. I hate to say it, but he looks like he has the edge. Mainly coming from his defence, since you guys have fairly even matched forwards and goalies.I think your going to need another big night from gagne and hopefully sakic... I've been watching Yashin, and he seems so lazy out there.. Well, GL!
  15. on the net i type "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAhahaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" and my friends are usually watching and they type it in as observers as well.I enjoy that.
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