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  1. I don't see the difference in whether villain had A-rag or 88. Either one you pick, you're WAY behind and folded correctly. I may have raised pre-flop $8-$10 and that may have driven A-rag out, but I'm being a bit picky here.However, you mention you saw the villain push later w/ a marginal holdng, at best. That tells me he was just as likely to have any pp. But, the only way to remedy a past situation is to hop in your time machine, go back into the past, and call him. "Heeeelllloooo! Think, McFly, think!" --BiffAll kidding aside, you
  2. just my two cents.start showing your cards more, especially with marginal holdings...dont' forget to show the nuts once in awhile, too.raise UTG with a suited conn, once in awhile. try to play it to SD and show it.limp late with AK, once in awhile. and slam them on the flop no matter what the flop.i know this may sound like a "maniac," but sometimes a session or two of maniacal play will teach you a lot more about the style of your opponents, ie. how they handle YOU being the bully, than you may first think. who knows, you may add a new dimension to your game...
  3. i agree here. the toughest thing for me to learn at $25 was: ALLOW NO DRAWS... unless you flop quads. i used to complain about suckouts constantly, that is, until i realized i was "allowing" my opponents to draw by slowing down my aggression. don't confuse this with "giving an opponent odds to draw." i always tried to take the odds away, but at $25, they draw to crap anyway.just as good, though, was the laydown...he prolly had the K. when the board has 4 to str8 or flush and/or is double paired...look for the escape hatch!
  4. I didn't see a BR Mgmnt forum. If this needs to be moved, feel free.Please don't confuse this post with another "bad beat" post. This is meant for that ONE person out there who still believes they can beat the game on an insufficient bankroll. Don't "buck the system." Short-term variance WILL, I'll say it again, WILL catch up to you at some point. Listen to those with experience because they have probably learned the hard way. There are plenty of experienced players here who TRULY want to help you understand the fundamentals of the game. Here is why you need to heed their advice: I hav
  5. you guys ROCK!!along with many others, i have ventured around other forums to seek different opinions, and must admit: they stink.it's as if nobody wants to take a post seriously. stupid, irrelevant answers, and, oftentimes, a separate conversation spins off like some kind of IM fest.i just want to say to all the posters...FRIGGIN' BRAVO. i love each and every one of you. by and large, you are quick to respond, give your honest(sometimes brutal) opinions, and still manage to keep the professionalism in tact most times.thank you for all your help...past and future.Chopper 8)
  6. i tend to question tradition. sometimes to play "devil's advocate." i do, however, believe 10,000 hands to get an "accurate" sample is BUNK. you will see your variance come through on 5000+ hands. i just dont think it needs to be that large to "get an idea." if you want to get technical, you never know if you're beating a game no matter the number of hands because you're always on either an upswing or downswing. sorry, that was pretty philosophical.as for the number of BB's. this is just my way of judging, but i go by "buy-ins." i, again, am against tradition and play with 10-15 buy-ins
  7. This may be better in NL or Online, but I would like to ask a question about BR Mgmnt. Let me run a strategy by you guys and please critique where I could go wrong. Or maybe this works well and someine adopts it for themselves. Feel free to add what you do as well. Thanks in advance.I've read to carry a certain amount of buy-ins, BB's, $'s in your BR. I've also read to avoid moving up in limits until your roll is big enough to take the swings, BUT HOW MUCH AND WHEN DO YOU WITHDRAWL MONEY FOR INCOME?I read somewhere to, at the end of the day, save 10% of winnings separate from your BR and
  8. i may need to start a new thread w/ this question, but here goes.i think my philosophy on "stay when winning, leave when losing" is a bit different...is it not the # of hands we play and our win rate over the long run that we pay attention to instead of our "luck" at a given session? i guess i have too much confidence in my game because i play through losing and winning sessions the same. i am focused on logging hands, not making money. again if my win rate is solid, shouldn't that be the focus?i compare this "short-term strategy" to day trading in stock markets...trying to time ups and dow
  9. hey Alpha,how many hands/long did you play microNL's?and how high do you consider your advice good? 25NL? 100NL? i know it depends on the site, but generally speaking at what level, will the "predictable/mechanical" play start getting slammed?i agree with the style of play at low limits, but just want to know how long/high it will last. thanks.
  10. KDawg, the "oh mighty one," was not meant at you...its unfortunate that my post fell right behind you and i was misunderstood. as far as the "chill out" comment...point taken. that's why i led with "NO OFFENSE." i was really trying to harmlessly point out that this, too, had little to do with any "specific" tactic or hand. and was just pointing to the irony of the situation. had no idea you would react with such a tongue-lashing.again sorry; i don't think i articulated my point very well at all.as far as "constructive criticism" is concerned, i agree with OP in that nobody should reply to
  11. couldn't agree more...this is one thing that gets me in trouble if i don't pay attention. true it will pay off in the long run, but when? and probably not by the same guy anyway.
  12. thanks for the link.i know the quote is unnecessary, but i just learned how to do that. lol.
  13. brings up another question...this is a move i see a lot and it P*SSES me off. so, i guess it works as a bluff. i don't know anyone with a brain that would call that unless they had the stone-cold nuts, or a lot of reads on this donkey.does everyone usually fold here(i assume so) and does it aggravate you as much as it aggravates me? :evil:
  14. thx scott, two questions: 1) how do you break the quotes up, or quote just a small portion?2) do you keep track of steal moves to see if they are working? the only move i try, other than a semi-bluff, is to bet the pot on the flop if i'm carrying decent cards and i miss and another scare-type card hitslike... i hold AQ and the flop comes J 3 7 rainbow, i hold QJ and the flop comes A 6 5 w/ two suited, here i'm trying to take away the odds to draw.i don't steal against more than two others, generally, and i've benn getting called too much in my opinion for this
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