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  1. I play in a local tournament on a regular basis with some freidns (cheap buy in, top 3 get it 3 tables top 2 go to final table)Last week I was playing, didn't have a single hand all night long. So I went "Guys, I haven't seen my hand but I got pocket rockets" I really didn't see my hand at all, guy side betted me, only $5 he said he'd do $20 but I was guessing. I won And the hand too. Or tonight the first time I won in like 4 months, I could NOT LOOSE. I think out of 50-60 hands I had maybe the loosing hand 4-5 times. In fact I was such a massive chip leader towards the end I just said "I'll
  2. I'm here to report my first week, I hit my first goal of $56, in fact I went up to a $66 however am now down to $55 due to some really stupid plays. Calling all in trips vs a full house. I find my mistakes start hitting me once I gain that $1.00 or so, right now i'm playing in a 0.01/0.02 ring games. What happens is I'll start out with $2.00 i'll grind my way up into the $3.00 range and just play stupid. Need to tighten up my game more.
  3. Fact of the matter is a poker site has no interset in cheating you. Secondly as others have pointed out you will play a lot more hands in online then in real life.For example I've seen a lot of 100 hands per hour in online poker.When I play live poker it's like 20-35 hands.I'd hope that out of 100 hands more unqiue things happen then in a 20-35 hand deck.Plus sometimes you just get nothing. My last live game I played for 3 hours, I paired twice and got trips once. That sucked!
  4. It's about the profit, not the chips. That's my opinion, in a tournament i'm after the chips in a cash game I'm all about the cash. I won't go all in a cash game, to me it's sensless if I have a great hand I'll bet pop, if I got the best hand possible I'd bet more then the pot slightly. In a MTT i'd go all in much quicker, simply because I need every single chip I can get my greedy hands on.
  5. I don't think the OP is after the money, I think he's after the fun.Plus if he makes it' big, hey great!
  6. Ok, let me first start off I'd like to become a pro at poker. Secondly let me say I'm not going be stupid about it and intend on taking 2-3 years to reach that point. I've been playing Poker for about a year now on and half and I've found myself in my job where I have lot's of free time . So I started to gamble a bit with my money. I'm playing poker much more seriously as well right now.Here's my goal over the course of a year.To turn a initial deposit of $50 into $42,000.The structure of this is simple, for the first four months I put in $50 each month. On top of my initial $50. I then plan f
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