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  1. Wow. My mistake. Obviously I have no idea what I am talking about. Online poker must be 100% legit and above all suspicion. How silly of me, to actually think that online poker could be anything else. Once again, my sincerest apologies for wasting your valuable time with such an inane subject.
  2. First of all, I do keep my stats for my live action play. I keep it on my Google calendar. I'd be happy to show it to you anytime. Secondly, I am in the black online. I am much more successful in tournament play than the cash games. Yes, my live cash game stats vary quite a bit from my online stats and that is why I am curious about the website. If the stats were similar I would not have a problem. Sure, there are specific aspects of the games that could lend to the fact that my stats don't match up, but I have explored those options and keep coming back to the integrity of the online game. Pe
  3. Gotta' put my first post on here sometime. And no, this is not just another sour grapes bad beat meltdown. I have played thousands of hands on BoDog and have slowly but surely come to the realization that these incredibly sick bad beat miracles can not be coincidence. Hey, I'm not looking for empathy, I've made my conclusion already based on personal experience. I came on here looking to see if these miracle turns and rivers are just inherant to internet poker, or if the online poker community has some advice. Believe me, if this type of play is pervasive on all of the websites....I'll have no
  4. Been playing on BoDog lately. Can't take it anymore!!! The beats are unbelievably brutal. It seriously seems to me that BoDog purposely sets people up for horribly bad beats. It's almost like they want everybody to get all of their chips in the pot and make sure that someone gets such a horrific beat that they go straight to the cashier because there is no possible way that they can beat like that again. I typically play tight agressive and rarely go into a pot without a very strong hand. On BoDog, favored 80%/20% is not nearly enough of an advantage to be confident. It's incredibly frustratin
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