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  1. None yet, unfortunately. I have been away on vacation to the tropics, so haven't played in over a week. I hope to play some this coming week for sure with some success to brag about.
  2. I don't have much left to pull out, I'm married with children.
  3. What site is this? Is this legal to do? I don't want to get my account locked, but I'm sure I read somewhere that this wasn't allowed on Pokerstars. Yeah, there are faster ways to do this but there is no deadline for me. One day I may get bored with this quest but until then I'm just going to have some fun with it. Poker is a hobby of mine, I am not in it as much for the money as I am to just having something to do with money being an added bonus.
  4. Yes, I've noticed the same when I've dabbled into them in the past while killing time. I also think cashing in on a Weekly Round 2 is going to be the most difficult part of this quest, but I'm definitely up for the challenge. Yes, I play all forms of poker and am glad that Pokerstars offers up a variety of games with the freerolls because I get bored with NLHE after a while. Anyway, that will definitely be my strategy as well and hopefully I won't have to grind them too long .
  5. I'm not looking into depositing online again, as money isn't the issue with this quest. I've only made one deposit online in my lifetime and that was through my old checking account and I don't want my new information out there. It's the difficulty of the challenge that is what I'm looking for to make this fun and interesting. Yes, freerolls have some pretty horrific play. I fully understand not to take the same approach to real money as the freerolls. This quest isn't me starting out in online poker as I have played many years recreationally. I've made a decent amount over that time with this
  6. First, let me give you a little background information on myself before I go into details about my quest. I'm recently "retired" and I live in Charlotte, NC. I'm married, have two children and couldn't be happier with my situation in life. I've played poker since I can remember my great-grandmother teaching me many moons ago. I obviously became interested in online poker watching Chris Moneymaker on ESPN some years ago and have been a very recreational player since then with no goals in sight. Well now that I have some extra time on my hands I decided to try a little quest, just so I coul
  7. Wellhung and Sweetheart conversation literally had me crying from laughter, very nice work!
  8. Learn proper bankroll management and don't expect it to be quick or easy. Best of luck, good to see you're starting out with goals and not just throwing money around trying to hit big.
  9. The call isn't terrible, but coinflips in MTT's are so standard that you will be on both sides often. If this action occurs on the flop instead of pre-flop then it would definitely be a very bad beat, but as it is it's a coinflip you lost. Still sucks anyway, better luck next time.
  10. I'm drawn to these like a moth to a blue light, but I have to stick to my guns and avoid this for the sake of my bankroll or lack there of. Good luck to everyone playing these and someone ship a WSOP seat!
  11. I make it $1.60 pre-flop, and as a general rule I use the same raising formula no matter the hand I choose to raise. I will raise 3x the BB and add 1 BB for every limper, or in this case 3x the original raise plus 1 with the limper. So a $0.40 raise that is called once I bring up to $1.60 and if villians raise was $0.30 with 1 limper I would have made it $1.20. I hope this makes sense, but basically you want to keep your raises the same regardless of what you are raising so opponents don't know whether you have 77 or AA. Any thoughts on this would be welcome as I'm sure it's possibly not op
  12. May goals:-Rebuild my bankroll from virutally nothing $7(I went a little overboard with the SCOOP , but it was fun regardless).-Don't venture outside of micro-limits.-Post more in strat forums.Good Luck to everyone else with their goals!
  13. At this level, a good percentage of the time the line isn't going to make any sense. Which is why you expect the unexpected because most of the players don't think the same was as the majority of us do. They raise the flop with Ax of spades because they think their A is the nuts, they slow down on the turn because now they have a flush draw and want to hit it to make what for them seems like a royal flush. Point is, that at this level a villians line isn't going to make much sense 90% of the time. If this doesn't make sense then I'm sorry for wasting your time and I suck at poker.
  14. A2, A4, A6, A7, A8, A9, AJ, AQ and AK. At this level all would raise this flop a large % of the time.
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