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  1. where in ANYWHERE of the posts does anybody insult phillips.I was wondering the same thnig
  2. highly regarded by whom*count it*Seriously,though, I probably owe Sklansky about a couple grand from reading a quarter of small stakes hold'em. Is he Negreanu? God no. Is he better than us? Oh HELL yes. Read his stuff, your pockets will appreciate it.
  3. I kinda did the same thing yesterday. I got stuck a decent amount early in the day and made it up at 3:00 AM while high as hell.The funny part is that when I play high or drunk I play for 1/4 to 1/3 the stakes I play at normally. So that was one HELL of a rush.
  4. I think your attitude regarding this matchup is wrong. It sounds like you're trying to find a robotic strategy to play against a dude whose game is dictated largely by his mood. Don't let yourself be narrowed down into a single system. Make your best decisions based on how he's been playing tonight, or even the last 20 minutes.- Whatever you do, don't get caught overplaying hands like TPTK because he "he might make this move with rags." Play your game and make the best decisions you can.We (forum posting, book readers) can occasionally get frustrated when an opponent is so unpredictable
  5. These tournaments often go very late, and phil would probably rather be fresh for the last 2 hours of the day than the first 2. Missing level 1 of the WSOP, phil would probably lose about 15% of his chips and still have >80 big blinds for the next level. That leaves plenty of room to work.
  6. Because it's a common scam. With paypal you can cancel the transfer long after it was processed -- and for $100, no court's going to bother to hear your case.
  7. That depends 100% on the payout structure.
  8. hmmm... that's funny.... cuz I thought that when most people got past the full-blown rookie stage of their poker career, they stopped slowplaying aces cuz they were tired of being sucked out against by the big blind... guess i was wrong.People slowplay big pairs when they become good enough to lay them down when they're beat. Was the chip leader last to limp, though? I doubt he'd limp after 3 limpers with AA, when the pot alone would increase his stack by ~ 15%66, 99, 22, 1010, JJ would make that limp, though. A flush draw and 87 are the only hands you're beating -- and you're not beating t
  9. Good point, but one problem. The Raiser acted after the original better, so he was yet to fold. Right now it looks like they both have a queen, so you have 11 outs (counting the 2 non diamond kings as half an out since they may or may not be good given the action) to potentially bust 2 big stacks and pretty much guarantee yourself a spot in the money.Whether or not this play is actually +$EV is yet to be seen, because there are a lot of unknown factors. Given that the Raiser folded (information we would not have when making the decision), it's a pretty easy laydown for the AJ.
  10. To OP: What range of hands did you put the guy on at this point?I don't have any reads, but given the action, I can't see a lot of stuff you're beating. Assuming you had some reads at this point, what do you think the reraiser had. The small bet looks like a blocking bet, so the better probably has AdKd or AdJd at best. I'm much more concerned about the raiser, what did you put him on?
  11. Ill take those odds say 5 dollars a hand freeze out.what are you stupid? math alone trips are the better hand, over a thousand hands you will lose. You people forget that on that flop the draws are dominated and the odds of you hitting your draw are close to equal on the odds of him filling up but either way you are never in the lead on this hand with aj.Uuuggghhh. Given the action on the hand, someone has KQ, AQ and a pair of tens pretty often. I didn't say I'd take this precise matchup 1000 hands, I said that given the action I would prefer a strong drawing hand because trips medium kicke
  12. If I'm going all-in on this flop 1000 times against 1000 different opponents, I would MUCH rather have his hand than yours. Seriously.You got unlucky that he outdrew you, but you are very lucky that you weren't up against pocket 10s, AQ, KQ. This is not a spot that I'm looking to go all-in -- especially with good chip position.Would I fold the gutshot royal here? That depends on my read, pot odds, my edge in the tournament and the likelihood that all my outs are live (Does anyone have KQ, etc). Would I go all-in with your hand here? Not without a super strong read.
  13. You could probably fold KJo every time you got it in a deep stacked, 10-handed cash game and not be much worse off for it. You will almost never see a flop where you're comfortable getting all the chips in with it. If you're an experience player then you're losing equity by putting any hand on your "don't play" list. To OP: If you're often getting outkicked, you have a serious leak in your no limit cash game play. Top pair top kicker should be at the very bottom of the hands you're willing to go all-in with. If you have >70BB in your stack, it shouldn't even be on the list unless you
  14. Easy to point out the obvious, but I think that winning strategy goes deeper than this. If if you have read any of my other posts, or even this one I have stated already that I have searched the site for the answer for which I am seeking and it is not there. Because either one, the thread is so old that it is now gone off the forum, or two I just cant find it.Your response was very rude, and I will not go any further than that. I am waiting for a response from Daniel as he is more than capable of responding too this. And by the way, Emptyeye is looking for the same response as well... so that
  15. One thing that nobody's mentioned (that I've read -- there are about 984285 pages on this) is that any J or 10 on the river will kill his action. I still lean toward a call over a push, and I think the math agrees with me. But would I think through the hand well enough to make the best play on the spot? Maybe, maybe not, I've never been in such a high- pressured situation. I think Kurt's line was fine -- an error, yes, but one that is probably quite small by EV calculations. Calling Kurt a moron for taking his line is much more moronic than the actual line, in my opinion. After all, 4/5
  16. I think it's kind of amusing to see great professionals play a format that moves as fast as a Party SnG. I do hope they give them deeper stacks in the playoffs, though. Any 200+15 Party SnG pro could play this format as well (or better in some cases) than some of these players. Somebody needs to explain the Gap theory to Moneymaker .EDIT: Does anyone find it interesting that Todd Brunson has shown the greatest understanding of the format, since he is the least likely of all these pros to have played satellites?
  17. Word to that.In low-stakes poker, a lot of crazy stuff happens. You'll win with hands you shouldn't be playing, and lose with your best hands. It can seem like anarchy to new players, and can really skew your idea of how to play. Reading can help you understand how to think about the game properly and help you identify the correct way to play. For small stakes, nobody does it better than sklansky.
  18. This is often extremely wrong. It depends largely on the payout structure. In huge multi-table tournaments, the prize pool grows exponentially, and going for the win is optimal. In the typical SnG, the prize pool dictates playing for 3rd, then after you cash playing for 1st, pretty much ignoring second.
  19. Which is why this hand depends so heavily on payout structure -- in addition to other unkown factors.If this is a Partypoker STEP 1 tournament, where 1st and 2nd get the same prize then a fold makes a lot more sense. If it's a situation where 1st gets like 80% of the prize pool, then the fold is silly. Really, we just don't have enough info to know what to do here. There's absolutely no question that it's +chipEV to push here, so we need information regarding the strcture of the tournament (payout, other stacks, depth of stacks) to know whether or not pushing is +/- $EV.EDIT: Sorry about
  20. Yes, if the SB has AKQ in the hole, but if that happens, you should kick the dealer in the balls and leave. The reason JJ is better in this situation than AK is that the SB seems to be on a steal. AK doesn't rate as well against a random hand as JJ.
  21. AK is only a 60% favorite against 3-4. There is nothing wrong with avoiding going all-in with in some sitautions. Did the OP make the right play this time? I don't know -- and neither does he! He doesn't remember information that should have been crucial to his decision. Showing the AK is what I take issue with. The OP basically told the rest of the table to feast on his blind.
  22. Yes, but given the player, the other players, the table image of the hero, and so on, there will be a play that is better than all other plays in the long run.
  23. Barry didn't create the structure, he created the time limit rules. If it weren't for him, they would just kill hands instead of fining the players for extra time.
  24. If he was deep, the fold doesn't make sense. If he was shallow, showing the fold doesn't make sense. Take your pick.
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